Principles of Causality

A Unity  Workshop

Principles of Causality
1991, Adele Tartaglia

Man is the only rational animal on earth, the only thinking analytical being.  Only man has the innate ability to watch himself, to stand outside his conscious mind, his ego state, and observe his own actions, thoughts, feelings, and words.  Both observer and observed, and from this vantage point, he can discern if the direction of his life is benefiting him and the world in which he lives.  As creators, we create our beliefs whether through adoption of modeled or indoctrinated paradigms or through our own intellectual deductions leading to correct or incorrect conclusions.

And it is these vary beliefs upon which we base the entire rest of the pyramid of our lives. If the foundational blocks are counterfeit or erroneous, then we are erecting our experiences on artificial perceptions that can topple and disintegrate in the face of facts, become denigrated in the light of wisdom and thus undermine the entire enterprise constructed so carefully. This is the primary cause of mental breakdowns, people suddenly wake up to discover that they don’t even know, understand, or agree with the basic beliefs and programs contained in their subconscious minds that are manifesting as the reality of their lives. They look around at the shambles of their lives and wonder what happened to them…and why it happened again. They believe they are left with nothing, confused, going through the long night of the soul, disillusioned and abandoned by their God. And this is the exact opposite of what this discovery should illicit.

It should be an Aha experience, a relief to discover that your actions were based on false premises which can be corrected with a resulting new plan of attack.

We are not our beliefs. And we can gain great strength and courage in knowing that. We are creating our own beliefs and principles and intellectual constructs and we can change what we are creating in an instant and create beliefs that are more beneficial to ourselves and humanity. We are not our memories. We are not our choices.

What we are, is our Authentic Selves, that ubiquitous self that knows…and know it knows, that divine self whose essence is love, that decision maker made in the image of the Decision Maker, whose very thoughts determine outcomes for mankind and the planet he inhabits. It is the mind of man that is entrained and in tune with all other men’s minds, it is the mind of man and the vibrations emanating from it that is entangled with the universe itself, the mind of man that influences time and matter. It is the mind of man that contains the authority and the capability to take itself apart and reconstitute itself with new more accurate ideas which will produce new more harmonious more successful lives and environments. It is the mind of man which was endowed with the singularity of intentionality and the power of focusing its attention on that intention. And it is therefore incumbent upon man to examine his mind through the vehicle of the life he is demonstrating. Once he discovers what the underlying principles of causality, his beliefs, are in his realm of existence, it is his choice to do whatever is necessary to either continue in the same direction or to take a different path based on an enlightened base of knowledge having freed himself from much of the encumbering attitudes held by mass consciousness. Man was given free will and he is free to deliberately choose truth over ignorance and myth and then stand back and watch his shift in consciousness, his new revised principles of causality, manifest his new revised life purpose.

These are the secrets the ancients guarded so carefully, the power of man to create whatever he desired through controlled mind power. The Bible states it like this, as a man thinketh, so he is. The transcendentalist taught it in the 19th century and New Thought churches have been promoting this Law of Mind Action ever since.

The simple truth is that your beliefs cause you to attract situations and events in your life.  Your beliefs determine your thoughts, emotions, words, actions, responses to life, personality, and even your physical body.

Everything you experience in life is a reflection of your beliefs. Change your beliefs, and you change your life.  By learning a way of handling beliefs, we can thereby handle life. Here is a simple set of tools for creating and eliminating belief systems.

Who among us has not spent a lifetime looking for the secret of life, the keys to living a productive, fulfilling, and peacefully loving existence?  Many of the things that happen to us are repetitions of patterns imprinted on us in childhood.  Until we examine these patterns of behavior and responses, and change the beliefs underlying them, we are destined to repeat them over and over.

The most important task you can undertake in life is to discover who you are, and where you fit into the universal order of things.  Deciding who you want to be to best reflect a joyous healing presence is second only to figuring out the vision quest you came in with. 

The universal principals of causality are inherently known by each of us…they are written in our hearts, and can be used as the laws of living as simply as accessing the presence within our own reservoir of inner wisdom. 

These principals or laws are always available to us if we will take the time to enter into the silence of our hearts, and listen, quietly and carefully, to its messages. 

Using the universal principals of causality brings immediate and permanent shifts in consciousness which are required to change the blueprint of your life.

In this class we are going to learn some of the tools for using the principals of causality in our lives.  We are going to learn how to focus our attention on our intention. We are going to learn how to align our multi-dimensional minds.

We’re going to experience the shifts in consciousness necessary to facilitate whatever changes we desire, including releasing old beliefs that no longer serve us, and installing new beliefs that will create the experiences we prefer in our lives. We are going to learn how to remove entire programs, complexes, personalities, and behaviors in a few minutes.

We are not what we believe but the whole mind body system is eavesdropping and believes our thoughts so it is urgent that we change any limiting blocking beliefs creating negative thoughts. Our beliefs create our reality and the reality of our world that our children have to live in. As we clean up our own consciousness, we clean up mass consciousness which is vital if we are to have a peaceful healthy planet so let’s get started.

Principles of Causality© 1991,  Adele Tartaglia

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