Books 2 Change Your Life Publishing

Books 2 Change Your life Publishing
Adele Tartaglia, CEO, Author, Power Places Tours Speaker
Spiritual and Self Realization Books for Adults and Children.

Books to advance your search for your authentic self, live in integrity in the present moment, expand your consciousness, bless you with the peace you are, and actualize the love that is your divine essence.

Spiritual and psychological goals: Assist with body mind spirit integration, awareness of higher self, alignment of the multi-leveled consciousness, acceptance of personal responsibility for their thoughts, words, and deeds, handle life’s challenges as outpicturing of subconscious programming, releasement and forgiveness of issues that no longer serve you, stop repetitive life patterns, heal unresolved inner child core issues, deliberate conscious languaging, live intentionally rather than from default settings, knowing they are creating it all and they can do better.

Molly Mckee Whimsical Rhyming Books for Children
Part of the Bloom Where You Are Planted Foundation

Rhyming Picture Books with colorful characters tell stories about familiar situations in young children’s lives teaching them the value and joy of cooperative loving interactions and generosity of spirit.  Children enjoy reciting the fun language and snappy meter assisting subliminal integration of the art of living harmoniously.

Product Lines: CD’s, Toy lines, Motivational /Inspirational Learning Tools, and Board Games supplement the books.

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