Speaker Available Last Minute Fill-Ins

International Speaker Available for Last Minute Speaker Fill-Ins 

Adele Tartaglia, Transform Your Life Expert, BA, CPRT, MEBT, CHT,
Developer Restructuring Therapy, Bd. Cert. Regression Therapist.

 Please keep me in mind should you have any last minute speaker no shows.

I have presented this material and used it in my Life Management Center for years and throughout the world so I can step in at a moment’s notice.  I am available to co-present at an aligned workshop or appear as an Expert on Transforming Your Life by Reformatting Your Subconscious Mind, the part of consciousness interfacing with the universe in the Law of Attraction. Everyone can be the person they want to be and have the life they want to have.

I will present Transform Your Life Instantly: Erase & Replace Programs & Emotions Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You, which is the name of my 2005 book which will be out soon as an Ebook followed by the TYL Workbook. Make Your Mind Work for YouWorkshops are being presented at New Thought churches.

Presentation includes a simple explanation of how the multi-leveled mind works, Restructuring’s ability to align the dual mind with your conscious mind goals, Experiential Workshops on Restructuring the Subconscious, Deletion/Creation sessions, Past/Parallel Life Regression sessions and a Q & A session.

The transformational techniques I teach are a new therapeutic modality, Restructuring Therapy, that rewires the brain making your mind work for you instead of against you. Cognitive, Physical, Emotional, Behavioral and Idenity Deletion/Creation Protocols instantly remove beliefs, behaviors, traits, emotions, memories, traumas, core issues, triggers, defense mechanisms and Identities that are sabotaging your life mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

These advanced technologies supersede anything being used today. They facilitate Lipton’s work by giving you control of the environment, your multi-leveled mind, from which your biology draws its belief stimulus to change your DNA, and with which, the Field interfaces to resonate back to you matching vibratory events, making the Abraham material possible.

 I am working on two Audio packages of my Transform Your Life radio show. Along with this, as soon as the book is uploaded to Clickbank and Amazon, back of the room sales will commence. Discounted Therapy sessions for Transforming Your Life Instantly and Past Life Regression Sessions will be offered at the conference.

Please feel free to peruse my sites, listen to my radio show and read my bio on  this site. With appreciation for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

Until then create only good things for yourself and the planet.

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