It’s All About Love

 Love is Who You Are

It’s All About Love 1991, Adele Tartaglia

Love is what you are and anything unlike
love will continue to come up for healing.

We cannot love another until we love ourselves.
You cannot give away something you don’t have.
If you’re in pain, you’ve forgotten who you are,
His Divine Reflection.

When I am lonely, it is because I have forgotten
how to forgive.

The I in you is the you in me.  Honor it.

  There is nothing I can do to you without
doing it to me for we are one.

 We are all part of the Mystical Body.
Revel in the Oneness.

The only Armageddon coming is the unveiling of
the Christ consciousness in the heart of man.

The key to compassion is to remember that we are
all trying to be happy with the understanding that
we have of that illusive state.

The mind seeks after the good it perceives often
without determining the real from the apparent .

When we learn to live from the perspective that
everything is for our highest good, we will cease
to live in upset.

Your divine purpose would not have been given
you without the wherewithal to accomplish it

It is when you bring into your life energy unlike what
you came here to give, that your life becomes a burden

Life is about becoming….
becoming real and becoming aware.

Feeling is about healing the energy in your own field
which you draw upon for all applications in your life.

We are here to learn compassion, patience, and love.

Without true heart feeling, your soul can make no
spiritual progress toward growth.

It’s all about love.
Love is the only question. 
Love is the only answer. 

Love never changes, love never dies. It just
transforms into its many wondrous forms transmuting
everything in its path.

The path is made straight by seeing through the eyes
of God, feeling with the soul of God, and loving with the
heart of God.

We are all here to do God’s work.
Live only love for that is Who You Are.


May you live from your heart….
May your heart remain a center of peace…
May you radiate your Divine Essence…Love.
Love is What You Are.
Create Only Love… for Only Love Is Real. 







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