Law of Mind Action

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The Law Of Mind Action
BELIEFS:  The Energy Creating Your Life II
Excerpted from Life Is What You Make It, 1998 ©
Adele Tartaglia 

The unacknowledged beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind are creating the quality of your very existence. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your life, you may have a belief that there’s always something better out there and as soon as I get it, I’ll be happy. But that belief will prevent you from ever being happy in the present moment because as soon as you get “it,” whatever the “it” is, the belief kicks in again and re-creates that there’s something [else] better out there, and on and on in a never ending cycle.

Your beliefs are sending out the radar of your brain waves from your thought patterns into the world at large. The brain frequencies are entrained to the brains of other people on the planet. Those same frequencies are sending orders to the Universe as to what kind of experiences to send you; negative thoughts and beliefs, negative experiences and people. The Universe or the Field is waiting for the human mind to make a decision as to what will happen in each and every instant. It doesn’t think or figure things out. It merely gives you more of what your attention is already on. It is called the Law Of Mind Action or the Law Of Attraction and it means thoughts are forms that create after themselves in like kind.

Your programming causes you to attract situations, events, relationships, body conditions, and careers to your life. The belief that you aren’t good enough, for instance, will attract a person with the opposite polarity who feels comfortable making himself feel better than he is and those around him feel less than they are, thus serving both of your subliminal conditioning and agendas. Or, in the alternative, the belief that you are not good enough to deserve a whole, integrated balanced mate in your life, may also create and attract someone else who shares that same belief about himself to show up, rendering you both fairly ineffective.

Your thoughts will either bring to you people with the same unresolved issues or those with opposing issues. If you want a relationship but have worthiness issues that you are sending out, someone will show up who either believes you aren’t worthy or believes they are unworthy. When the attraction between your negative belief systems is strong enough, you will call it love or chemistry or karma. In our society we call matching bags of garbage…love. 

From this same belief in unworthiness, you may settle for, or even choose a career that you are highly over qualified for, that does not make use of the gifts and talents you possess. You may take a job as a secretary instead of starting your own business and being boss because you don’t feel good enough about yourself to have the self confidence to step out and take the entrepreneurial chance.

These are examples of a few of the thousands of beliefs we hold on a conscious and on an unconscious level that are playing out for us in our daily lives outside our realm of awareness. The positive self-affirming ones bring us fulfillment and happiness. The negative self-sabotaging ones are blocking our good, which is just waiting for us to claim. Many relationships and careers have been wrecked by unexamined destructive beliefs we belief are true, but don’t realize we are operating our lives out of.
We may think we are what we believe, and not realize that we are creating what we believe. We are not what we believe even though it seems like that is the only consciousness we are aware of. Our supra-consciousness knows we are whole complete and perfect children of the Creator who made us in His image and therefore cannot be defective in anyway. The sad deception our conscious minds serve up to us is that we are our jobs, our beliefs, our clothes, houses, education, mates, children, money, or our lack of these things, and that any lack in these areas is a lack in us. This is completely unfounded but man has been making these erroneous decisions for so long it is in mass consciousness.

To the same degree that you doubt your control over life, that is the same degree that it will be beyond your control. Beliefs can be limiting or empowering. You’re only as limited as you believe you are, and alternately, you’re only as powerful as you believe you are.

Beliefs either add to your life, or detract from it. Creating and discreating the very beliefs that are producing daily occurrences will eliminate the underlying causes of the predicaments you find yourself in, thus ridding you of the unwanted experience itself. And amazingly, this happens without effort on your part and in the long term. 

This theory is widely propagated today among self-help and spiritual gurus. Everyone agrees that it is our hidden beliefs that are sabotaging our lives but they do not have procedures that render immediate and permanent relief from the ramifications of these beliefs. Cognitive and Emotional Deletion Protocols do offer these tools to delete negative programming from the subconscious and reprogram it in a simple and effective way. In fact, this explanation of life and the tools to implement its change has been around for thousands of years. Today it is taught as a combination of ancient spiritual principals and techniques and psychological reflections on the inner workings of consciousness. Based on the principle that your beliefs are the creating energy in your life, you can learn belief handling procedures which enable you to discover your real self, the  authentic self that exists beyond the personality that is creating the world you are experiencing as your life.  Life is a reflection of your beliefs…change your beliefs…change your life.

Life is what you believe, what you believe is what you are, and you are, what you believe you are …..and you can change that belief as many times as you like. You can accomplish behavior modifications, change habits you have given up on, delete whole identities, and get yourself out of situations you find yourself entangled in, by applying these handling tools to particular instances you encounter in the process of living. By restoring control of your life to you, you will stop giving away your power, change your relationships, work experiences, money issues, and body mind connections in a profoundly simple way.

This is part of a series of articles on changing your personal reality. Look for the next installment for more Principles of Causality© that are the underpinnings of what you are experiencing as your life.

Life Is What You Make It, What You Make It…Is What You Are….And What You Are Is What You Believe You Are, © 1998, Adele Tartaglia

Principles of Causality© 1991, Adele Tartaglia



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