Life Transitions with Grace & Growth

Unity of Chandler July 26, 2011
Life Transitions with Grace & Growth
Anything Less…Is A Wake Up Call!

Adele Tartaglia, BAEd,CPRT, NLPTLT, CHt, Therapist, Life Coach


A Make Your Mind Work for You Workshop
Transitioning From Surviving To Thriving

• It’s Not About Loss….It’s About Personal Transformation!
• It’s Time to Show Up for Your Life in an Empowered Way!
• Handle Emotional Overload….Stay Functional in The Moment!
• If You Don’t Change the Mind Creating it, You Will Create It Again!
• End the “Why Is This Happening To Me Again?” Life Pattern.

Class Intentions

Objectives: End the Suffering and Overwhelm and Restore Hope by Restructuring and aligning your subconscious mind with your conscious mind goals.

1. Get Out of Emotional Overwhelm by taking control of your feelings and your mind, and thus the situation you are in.
2. The 5 Step Solution: The Quick Fix: Stop the insanity by erasing and replacing negative emotions and programs for each relevant factor contributing to this event.
3. Restore Hope for the Future: Deleting originating programs prevents repetition of any situation like this in your future.
4. Restructuring the Subconscious Mind so you can bring the unwelcome aspects to an end that honors your needs and creates the outcome you want from the transition.

Things to Know About Life Transitions:

1. Your own mind is creating this situation and you can stop creating it anytime you want to.
2. Life is about feeling not thinking or figuring it out. Realize it is safe and healthy to feel your feelings when seen as indicators, and necessary to delete them.
3. You can’t be rational and emotional at the same time so you have to handle your emotional triggers.
4. Stay present and aware in the moment, so you can manifest your conscious mind goals versus unconsciously regressing to past events out of your control.
5. Understanding how your mind works means understanding why your life turned out like it has, and how to redirect and re-create it.
6. Be realistic: Having fundamental knowledge about how life works prevents false expectations.
7. Attitude is everything: changing how we internalize events changes our frame of reference which changes our responses to life events.
8. By aligning your human self with your Authentic Self you can create the life of your dreams.

Self Care Section

1. Establishing Self Esteem by handling worthiness issues so you will never again be the same person whose mind attracted this situation.
2. Self Empowerment…..the end of the victimhood identity. You will not only make it through this time but come out better than ever by transitioning from surviving to thriving.
3. Forgiveness & Releasement: Freeing yourself from the bondage of anger, resentments, and blame. Taking responsibility for the content of your own mind’s role in the matter.
4. Learning the art of manifestation to create the outcomes you want.

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