The Art of Manifesting

 Intentionally Creating Aligned Goals
from The Art of Manifesting, 1998, Adele Tartaglia

Here are some of the processes covered in this course. Each has a complete learning module to integrate into the process.

Recall that in order for an intention or a goal to be aligned with your multi-leveled mind, it must be in agreement with the current content, i.e., aligned with already existing conscious and subliminal goals and programs. If it is oppositional to your existing programs you have a choice to give up your goal, determine how to achieve the same reward with another behavior, or delete the pre-existing program which is blocking your achievement of the goal you are currently creating. Ambivalence is handled in another chapter.

I)  Intentionally create a goal you truly want to achieve that you feel sincerely will benefit your life or the lives of others.

a) Create from your Authentic Self, the guru you have been waiting for.

b) Make your creation an expression of your divine essence love. From this space it is normal and natural to express your beneficence by being of service as well as caring for self so you return to your natural state of integrated wholeness.

c) Determine your intention: Is your goal of a universal nature or personal for your own self growth and development?

d-g)  Write the first thing that comes to mind.

i)  Focus your attention on the meaning contained in each goal as you write it.

j)  Now begin to feel your conviction to manifest this intention.

k)  How to place your goal in the Field of All Potentialities

l)  Detaching from the outcome.

m)  Deleting anything unlike your goal.

n) Rescripting into consciousness your goal.

o)  Keep a Goals Journal.

p)  Solicit support by sharing your goals often and with intention.

II) List three steps you will take to attain each of these goals from the simplest to the most complicated, each being dependent on the prior step.

a)  Commit to make these steps an active part of your life.

b) Check to see if your actions are aligned with your goal.

III) Take the steps to implement your goals.

a)  Commit to using Conscious Languaging to think and talk about your goal.

b)  Carry goals around with you on cards.

c)  Post them on vision board, treasure map, mirror.

d)  Set a deadline for accomplishment of each goal.

e) Use correct phraseology when stating your goal.

f) Visualize the goal as manifested.

g)  Thank the Creator in advance.

Checking for Alignment Between Who You Are Now & Who You Are Trying to Become

I)  What is your intention in creating this goal?

II)  Before you begin to make your list of goals, consider what your motivation for each goal on your list is.

III)  For each item on your list, ask yourself:

a)  How do I need to alter my attitude in order to make this goal take place? 

b)  Secondly, ask yourself what is my current belief or habitual thinking pattern about the behavior or lack of behavior that I am seeking to change now? 

IV)  Examine your present behavior to see if it is serving you on any level of consciousness. 

V)  Discover what identity you are acting through that makes you react instead of respond to events.

VI)  Delete that persona and replace it.


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