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What Can Past Life Regression Do for Us

 What Can Past Life Regression Do for Us
Using MEBR Therapy as the Framework

How Do Past and Parallel Lives Influence Current Life
Excerpted from Soul Talk: Rescripting Karmic Contracts, 2008, Adele Tartaglia

Regression therapy brings to light the body of experiences the soul has traversed throughout its eternal life journey as an incarnated being. It is a particularly beneficial modality for dealing with illnesses, relationship issues, phobias, financial problems, and addictions. We use it when we can’t find any causal data from this lifetime triggering the problem the client is experiencing.

By running the session in Theta within the framework of a Mental Emotional Behavioral Reprogramming Session, MEBR, we can erase any negative beliefs, behaviors, challenges, emotions, memories, personal vows, traumas and fears still sabotaging your current life. Then we can replace them with positive life supporting programs right within the session so the client wakes up finished with these left over patterns, issues, proclivities and fears.  The custom designed Mental, Physical, Emotional, Identity and Behavioral Protocols are employed within the Theta state.  This is the opposite of psychoanalysis which is long term therapy and often uses drugs to supplement the analysis.

Present life recall or regression deals with present life trauma and its effects on your life today. Birth regression treats pre and peri-natal experiences particularly life patterns established and set up intrauterine as gestational adaptations. Past life therapy seeks to heal present life conflicts which stem from traumatic events in prior lifetimes.

In the clinical framework of reincarnation, the being or spirit is eternal. As part of the spiritual journey, many beings choose to incarnate in the earth plane; that is, to take on the form of a physical human body.

In the course of lifetimes of human interaction, the being accumulates mental, emotional, and physical residue, which is carried from lifetime to lifetime influencing the person’s existence. Regression Therapy is about identifying and removing these residues so that the person may be fully present in the moment and fully free to make decisions based solely on current lifetime information.

The subconscious mind contains the memory of everything a person has ever perceived and experienced. Each perception and every experience is recorded in the memory, including biographical material from this life, the birth and pre-natal period, other lifetimes, and the non-physical experiences between lives.

The memory bank includes the perceptions of every past event; the surrounding circumstances and conditions; all physical and sensory input, including subliminally received data; the thoughts, emotions, feelings, and perceptions associated with the event. There also seems to be awareness of the thoughts of other people involved in these past incidents, perhaps transmitted telepathically.

The memories also carry the misperceptions and misinterpretations of the event and must be removed in order to prevent these erroneous conclusions from functioning as operating beliefs in the present life.

The mind, while receiving the present and immediate perceptions of the senses is constantly alert to real or imagined threats to survival, based on and compared with past experience. This means that every adult interaction, every childhood event, every pre-natal experience is recorded and compared for validity at a subconscious level. The mind is living in the past in a very real sense. In this way a person experiences selective hearing and seeing as well as selective memory.

Once a memory is triggered the person no longer hears anything that is being said but is automatically and often unconsciously regressed to the time frame of the triggered event. Thus suspended in a less than mature adult age frame they respond from the developmental stage they are currently functioning in, usually the childhood stage the trauma or upset occurred in. This is confusing to the regressed person as well as the adult interacting with them.

Using MEBR Regression Therapy to regress the person to the time frame of the childhood trauma and the reframing and removal thereof, these triggers disappear and cease to interrupt the smooth flow of adult rationality thus taking with them lifelong dysfunctional patterns.

Unfortunately, the more unpleasant the experience or painful the emotion, the stronger the memory trace. Any experienced traumatic event triggers the reaction termed the traumatic event sequence. Perceptions of each succeeding moment of any event are registered in the conscious mind then recorded in the memory banks or the subconscious mind.

These perceptions are usually misperceptions. There is a distorted perception of the reality of a situation. It is this distortion which becomes embedded in the subconscious and colors future similar experiences.

It is never the memory of what happens to a person that remains in the memory bank that has the lasting effect. It is what that person thinks, feels, decides, remembers, and believes about the event. Their attitude toward it at the time of occurrence determines future predisposal for reactions or for responses, reactions being triggered emotional sequences and responses being a rational approach toward the event. It is from these misperceptions that we form the false beliefs which become the basis for the creation of unwanted random events and behavior patterns in our lives.

This error consciousness creates the suffering we mistakenly attribute to others or to God. The collection of unexamined data stored in your subconscious mind is today called your perceptual reality and is responsible for the bias from which each person individually perceives the world around them.

External data is not actually perceived just as it is without going through the critical faculties of judgments and labeling thus we are responding to our own beliefs about the event not the event. In addition there are the pre-established unconscious filters such as love, hate, fear, and hostility sourcing from the perceptual reality itself coloring our internalization of the event.

Both of these factors create an involuntary response to the data rather than experiencing the data itself. Thus having been erroneously programmed into the subconscious, your auto pilot, these misperceptions and skewed viewpoints automatically keep creating what they think is the direction you want your life to proceed in and show up as.

Almost all defense mechanisms stem from the erroneous conclusions and misperceptions stored in the unconscious that are triggered automatically and intercede with the correct interpretation of current sensory input. Until you access and change this misaligned information, giving the subconscious a new direction to move toward, your life is on automatic create and stays the same.

Your life can only change when you change the belief systems creating it and this includes both the conscious beliefs and the subconscious beliefs. Once located, clients are guided through both Cognitive and Emotional Deletion Protocols to remove programs, beliefs, psychic trauma, emotional blocks, and identities manifesting negatively in the current lifetime. This is followed by a Replacement/Reframe/Rescript of the issues erased.

Therapy seeks to unravel the distortions, clear the perceptions, and experiential understanding of the truth of what actually happened in past traumas. This leads to the healing of the residues. The truth leads to freedom.

In the traumatic event sequence, the perceptions of the traumatic event are most often misperceptions. One function of the mind is to interpret incoming data. Since what it interprets is a misperception, such data is also distorted. The interpretations of the misperceptions then become misinterpretations of the misperceptions. The mind reacts to these misinterpretations of the misperceptions by assessing the situation for potential danger or threat to its survival. Often the inappropriate reactions to the misinterpretations of the misperceptions lead to false decisions, assumptions, erroneous conclusions, and faulty judgments as well as impossible vows and promises, even threats relating to the event and the person involved.

The reactions can be mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual and in fact always involve the whole of man represented by these basic aspects. These ongoing reactions are at the core of the attitudes, prejudices, phobias, upsets, symptoms, conditions, and spiritual malaise that show up as presenting problems and conflicts in everyday life.

The inappropriate mental reactions to the misinterpretations and misperceptions lead to survival based decisions such as: I’ll never trust men. (women) I’ll never be beautiful again I’ll never get married. I’ll never be rich again. I am not good enough. I don’t deserve…. If I tell the truth, I will die Life is not safe; I have to protect myself.

These decisions are made during emotional and/or physically traumatic episodes in this and prior lifetimes; episodes which involve a real or imagined threat to survival. Decisions become beliefs, and beliefs are embedded within the subconscious mind. These beliefs color and filter present day perceptions and distort interpretation of situations and interactions. Decisions are the basis of prejudice.

These decisions, assumptions, conclusions, judgments, vows, and promises, form the mental residue, accumulating as part of the soul’s consciousness which can be carried for lifetimes, cluttering the mind and interfering with any present life event which re-stimulate any aspect of the earlier event.

We can see how essential it is to discern which areas of content retained in the unconscious mind are relevant to today’s issues versus issues that are being triggered by predispositions and prejudices from other lifetimes.

This discussion will be continued in Part II.

Soul Talk: Rescripting Karmic Contracts, 2008, Adele Tartaglia Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005, Adele Tartaglia Life Is What You Make It, What You Make It…Is What You Are….And What You Are Is What You Believe You Are, © 1998, Adele Tartaglia

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