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‘Make Your Mind Work For You’ Radio Show

The Make Your Mind Work for You
Instead of Against You’
 Talk Radio Show

Coming in October on 

Based on Understand Your Mind…Understand Your Life
Stop Sabotaging Your Life

Call in for Free Therapy!

Everyone Can be Happy, Peaceful, Successful & Loved

Therapeutic solutions to life issues. Let’s talk about it. Learn to take control of your mind and your life. This is life management made easy with Restructuring Therapy. 

Find out Why your life turned out like it has; How to change it immediately; How to stop triggering and going unconscious; Why the same thing keeps happening to you over and over; How to change subconscious programming instantly so it aligns with your goals instead of blocking them.

You can transform your life instantly using mental and emotional erasers that make the law of attraction work for you instead of against you, because it is your subconscious mind that is attracting events, conditions and people to you, not your conscious mind.

Erase and replace beliefs, behaviors, traits, emotions, memories, traumas, coping mechanisms and identities that are sabotaging your life. Stay intentionally aware in the moment, be responsive instead of reactive, remain rational instead of emotional, use conscious languaging that reflects what you want to experience, delete the unworthiness identity that affects every area of your life, focus your attention on your intention, learn to deliberately create your life out of conscious mind intentions instead of experiencing random events based on subconscious default settings.

This is about recovering your Authentic self that knows and knows it knows it is made in the image of All That Is, unspeakably worthy, unlimited creative intelligence, infinitely wise, whose divine essence is love. Stay vibrationally aligned with your source self that knows only joy, abundance, and wellness and automatically manifests all good things.

You make a difference by deleting error consciousness from your own mind that is entrained with every other sentient being on the planet and mother earth herself.

Adele Tartaglia, CPRT, CHt, MEBT, Bd. Cert. Regression Therapist, Developer of Restructuring Therapy, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Author, International Speaker, Radio Show Host, Self Empowerment Facilitator, Owner of The Life Management Center.



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