People Are For Loving


Rhyming Picture Books with colorful characters like Grandpappy Wappy tell stories about familiar situations in young children’s lives. Children enjoy reciting them even before they can read as well as hearing them read aloud.

Snappy meter and language make the books fun for everyone.  Each book fills a niche in children’s literature while giving messages about living an empowered, harmonious, happy, and successful life.

Also introduced under the name “Molly McGee Gets in a Snit and Has a Little Fit”….here is

People Are for Loving

Molly McGee liked to hit quite a bit.
She’d have a little fit
And hit and hit and hit…..

Now this is important, so again I remind,
People are for loving… not being unkind.

Sing Along CD’s and character puppets help children identify and role play with Molly McGee’s adventures. These whimsical rhyming books are sure to become life long favorites like the Dr. Seuss books.

Adele Tartaglia, Books2ChangeYourLife Author of books for adults and children is a Bd. Cert. Therapist, former elementary school teacher, grandmother of five and Radio Show Host  480/706-8137   

Books 2 Change Your Life publishes spiritual and self help books for adults and children to advance their search for their authentic self, expand their consciousness, bless them with the peace they are, and teach them tools to change their lives as they actualize the love that is their divine essence.

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