Life Is What You Make It, What You Make It

 Life Is What You Make It, What You Make It…Is What You Are….
and You Act Like What You Believe You Are, And You Can Change
That Belief Anytime You Want To, 1998, Adele Tartaglia
Life is What You Make It
What you Make It Is What You Are and
What You Are Is What You Think You Are!(c)
1994, Adele Tartaglia, Books2ChangeYourLife

 This theory is based on the principle that your beliefs are the creating energy in your life. We are not only the products of what we believe, but at the same time, we are creating what we believe. Beliefs determine events, thoughts, and emotions of your life. Even your body is a physical manifestation of your beliefs.  By learning belief management tools, you will be able to manage life, break repetitive patterns, and accomplish behavior changes, in a profoundly simple way. There are exercises and belief handling techniques you can learn which will enable you to discover your real self, the self that is creating the beliefs that are making up the world you are experiencing as your life. You can acquire this set of tools and techniques to put in your owner’s manual to life and use them to take back control of your life, help you stop giving away your power, change your relationships, work experiences, money issues, and mind body connections. You can and will experience yourself as the true source of the events you are encountering

Your own beliefs are the most powerful forces that influence your existence. They determine what you perceive, and how you perceive it. Beliefs are the filters through which you filter your perception of the world. Whatever filter you’re viewing the world through, is the same filter you will experience the world through.

Beliefs influence not only your thoughts, which create after themselves in like kind, but your expectations, and your actions. They shape your body, and create your personality profile. They even affect the outcome of your performance. Scientific data substantiates the fact that beliefs and their attendant expectations cause corresponding neuro-peptides, chemicals, to flood the mind body organism predisposing it to see and experience selectively only what it expects.

Beliefs either add to your life, or detract from it. Beliefs can be limiting or empowering. You’re only as limited as you believe your are, and alternately, you’re only as powerful as you believe you are. Providing yourself with the means to create and discreate the very beliefs that are creating your daily occurrences is essential to maintaining a growth oriented existence as well as a peaceful, balanced one.

Reality consists of the experiences we believe are real. The problem lies in our ego’s defense mechanisms’ years of layering in false perceptions, which we do not recognize as mere pretenses. A person’s life reflects what they really believe, which is not always what they think they believe, or what they are pretending to belief as an avoidance technique. The world from an unexamined human perspective is full of illusions. The real challenge of existence is discovering what we do believe, and then deciding what we want to believe once the unwanted programmed beliefs are rooted out.

The strength of a belief lies in the degree of conviction with which it is held.  Interestingly, the mind has a much greater degree of faith in the subconscious beliefs we have forgotten we have, than in current conscious beliefs we are acquiring daily.  It therefore behooves us to use whatever devices we have at our means to discover the hidden beliefs that are so fixed in the unconscious, they are actually creating the patterns and events of our lives by their very certitude.  The game is, of course, that these lost beliefs are there from early childhood programming and with maturity and shifts in viewpoints, we have forgotten them.  We conduct our lives and our activities based on these forgotten beliefs which we are so sure of, they have become transparent to us.  We think and act through them using them as our determinates for judging the external world without even realizing it, thus the element of transparency. These are the beliefs we are absolutely sure are true. We never question them and are willing to go to battle with anyone who does.  This is the degree of validity they occupy in our subsciousness minds and it is the subconscious which is the auto navigator of our lives giving it direction and goals toward which it moves.

Mass conscious beliefs are particularly prevalent in this category of transparent belief systems. Life is hard, you have to work hard for money, suffering is good for the soul, you can’t have what you want, victimhood, helpless and hopeless, are all commonly propagated beliefs that are doing nothing but harm to the society which holds them.  The creating energy coming forth from such beliefs as these is considerable because of the numbers of people sending it out into the world in any given moment.  Many marriages are undermined and careers destroyed by the false beliefs lost in consciousness, which have yet to be owned by the self who is sabotaging itself and its efforts.  It’s hard to cure yourself of pervasive negative thinking if you don’t know you suffer from the symptom. It is unconscious beliefs such as these held in the collective unconscious by most of humanity, not the conscious belief systems of which are aware, which are creating our daily reality and that of civilization as a whole.

There is a way to end the recurrence of self-sabotaging behavioral and relationship modeling you learned in your formative years. You have the ability to create the kind of relationships you’ve always wanted.  Insight into the various false identities’ you are acting out frees you from old family patterns and conditioning that show up automatically in your personality.  Disassociating with these identity’s will diminish the character traits of faultfinding, blame, projection, judgmentalness, guilt, shame, and unworthiness, particularly as you apply them to yourself. A major injurious belief passed on to us in childhood, is that we are predestined to live out the roles assigned to us by the family unit and its needs for role fulfillment. Whatever emotional needs our parents and grandparents haven’t dealt with, we are destined to deal with for them. This is part of the family myth and is not necessarily true. With the advent of the exploration of the functioning of human consciousness, we now have the ability to free ourselves from what appears to be a ready-made form of lifelong entrapment in the false selves assigned to us. You can free your authentic self from the family mythology you have been blindly and resistantly living. For many people, discovering who they really are and making the intentional choice as to who they want to be, will be their first experience with true self-respect, self esteem, and self-satisfaction. And for this, there is no substitute.

The way that others perceive and respond to you is also a function of your beliefs and projections. You are sending out the energy that other people are receiving and responding to.  It’s all done with mirrors. It’s always an inside job and there is no one out there doing it to you. There is no victimhood.  There’s only coping mechanisms gone awry which have to be sifted through, restrained, redirected, and discarded now that we no longer need them from the safe perspective of adulthood. Through a series of processes, you can eliminate the debilitating beliefs that cause complexes, phobias, and the neurosis of anxiety, fear, suffering, and confusion.  Getting rid of the underlying causes of the predicaments you find yourself in, your false beliefs, will serve also to alleviate these symptoms from your life and free up your essential self.  The most important discoveries you will make are the beliefs and belief systems contained in your own consciousness that are on automatic create. This work is the absolute minimum prerequisite for a happy life.

To the same degree that you doubt your control over life, that is the same degree that it will be beyond your control.  The negative programming of the nightly news stating across the board helplessness, hopelessness, and victimhood is undermining every person’s self confidence, feelings of safety, and personal empowerment.  You can stop watching the news and deliberately begin to prevent unwanted belief systems from seeping into your awareness. Knowing that beliefs are the primary principle of causality operating in your life, and learning the techniques to manipulate these beliefs, including the exclusion of new destructive beliefs, is the key to breaking repetitious patterns and events, and creating a more fulfilling satisfying life.  Until we become mindful of what we are putting into our minds and bodies, we will forever be at the mercy of outside forces and ever less self-referring. 

Working through belief management techniques that you apply to particular instances you encounter in the process of living is possibly the most important life work you will take on.  Using the abilities and skills you learn to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the design of your life, at any time, in any place, is an on going process. You can handle what comes up for you driving down the street, walking around a store, or sitting at your desk.  Anywhere, anytime, you will be able to handle any issue once you understand the conscious workings of the layers of your own mind.  It will become second nature to you to recognize old beliefs as they crop up, discard them, and replace them with positive supportive ones. This is not as difficult as it sounds and quite interesting and amusing once your have learned the procedure to use. Nothing is so fascinating as self examination and exploration once the shift in attitude takes place and you begin to enjoy the recesses of your own mind with a sense of humor and adventure. After all, self growth can only result in self determination, improved interpersonal relationships, and a more productive contribution to humanity as a whole. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.  Introspection is its own reward.

Training in life management both explains the operations of consciousness and gives you effective ways to alter the subconscious programming creating your personal reality. In the process, you will free up an enormous amount of creating attention and energy which was being directed toward the maintenance of the false self and the defense of its position in the world.  You can then use this freed up energy and attention to create the identity you do want to manifest.

This Copyrighted material contains excerpts from Life Is What You Make It, Principles of Causality,  and The Life Management Center, and cannot be reproduced in any part without written permission from the author, Adele Tartaglia.










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