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Transform Your Life Instantly:
Mental & Emotional Erasers
Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You®
Adele Tartaglia, 2001, Books2ChangeYourLifePublishing

I will present Transform Your Life Instantly, using Mental and Emotional Erasers. This is a new approach to reformatting and aligning the dual mind to make the Law of Attraction work for you instead of against you. I have presented this material throughout the world as the basis of my therapy practice and Self-Empowerment Workshops for many years.

I developed an advanced technology called MBBR: Mind Body Behavioral Therapy using Instant Theta Subconscious Reprogramming with custom designed protocols that target the originating program, trauma, memory, behavior, or emotion and rewires the subconscious mind instantly bringing it into alignment with conscious mind intentions through a theta process called Healing in Consciousness. This new modality is non-imprinting and non-traumatic, unlike talk therapy.

Your mind then begins to work for you instead of against you, since it is the subconscious programming which is interfacing with the Law of Attraction creating and attracting life circumstances.

Aligning the dual mind allows more in the moment conscious awareness time, centering you in your Conscious Mind, so you can deliberately create the life of your dreams. Everyone can be the person they want to be and have the life they want to have.

Restructuring your beliefs, the content of your hard-drive, your unconscious mind, stops the triggering effect that keeps you sourcing your life from the past as your mind automatically creates reactions and behaviors based on memories and emotions stored as unconscious default settings.

This easy process allows you to delete and reframe in one session…. beliefs, behaviors, traits, emotions, memories, traumas, core issues, triggers, coping mechanisms and identities that are sabotaging your life.

Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral & Physical Deletion/Creation Protocols are non-imprinting, non-traumatic, immediate, and permanent removal tools for negative mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral repetitive life patterns.

This is the next step in the logical sequence of the cellular biology taught by Bruce Lipton. Picking up where his work ends, Mind Body Behavioral Therapy provides the answer as to how we can alter the environment our body mind organism is drawing beliefs and stimuli from that are instructing DNA formation and the body mind feedback loop.

Healing in Consciousness works since is it our own internal reference system, our consciousness, not any external field of information or stressor, that is dictating our reality.

By aligning the multi-leveled mind, the frequencies your mind sends out are aligned with your real self, the Authentic Soul Self, before the programming that is the unlimited creator, unspeakably worthy, infinite intelligence, and unconditionally loving.

Instant Manifestation becomes possible when you restore resonance to the frequencies emanating from the different levels of your own Consciousness. Your ability to slip into your higher self and focus your attention on your intention is greatly enhanced without blocking energy forms interfering.

This is about body mind spirit integration at the deepest level of self-love which produces the freedom of self-directedness and self- empowerment.

My 2001 book, Transform Your Life Instantly, was revised in 2005 and is being revised into a series for ebook publication along with the Make Your Mind Work for You Workbook and Workshops.

Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me anytime for a free Consultation.  480/220-2089  eztherapy@gmail.com

Until then create only good things for yourself and the planet, Adele

Adele Tartaglia, CPRT, EH, TLT, MBBR  Transform Your Life Expert,
Bd. Cert. Regression, Restructuring & Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Author, Avatar Master Self Empowerment Facilitator.


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