Instant Manifestation Class

 Manifestation Tools Outline

 from The Art of Manifesting, 1998, Adele Tartaglia

A Life Management Center Workshop

Many of these tools are already on my tools2changeyourlife site and thelifemanagementcenter site, and in my book “Yes You Can Transform Your Life Instantly.” 

The illuminates many mystical practices, ancient traditions and sacred texts that have evolved into today’s self growth courses both mine and others.

The secret to Instant Manifestation is a particular course that involves  experiential learnings that require an in person focused laboratory environment unto itself. For pre-initiates the entrained presence of a Master is recommended during instruction and experiential events.  Professional guidance for practices like still point breathing to enhance the meditative state cannot be overestimated.

For those not wishing to delve this deeply into their unlimited abilities to manifest reality, the Manifestation Tools Class provides keys to create goals and intentions.

I)        Preparing yourself to create from your Authentic Self, includes training on returning to the Authentic Self.

II)      Methodology and implications of focusing your attention on your intention.

III)    Create from the present moment.

IV)     Making it real using the senses within the context of creative visualization.

V)      The art of creating your intention in the Field by  shutting down the mind.

VI)    The detachment process.

VII)   Deletion and rescripting for success.

VIII)   The effect on the brain on writing down goals.

IX)  The benefits of sharing goals.

X)    The importance of optimum timing the creation.

XI)     Follow the Directions for Creating Intentionally Aligned Goals.

XII)    Expressing gratitude thru faith in advance using imagination to move you to the environment of the accomplished event.





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