Past Life Traumas Present Life Illness

Adele Tartaglia, Bd. Cert. Regression Hypnotherapist

“Past Life Traumas, Beliefs and Programs are Today’s Life Patterns, Addictions, and Illnesses! 

Regression Hypnotherapist, Author, and Transform Your Life Instantly expert, Adele Tartaglia, explains the effects of multiple incarnations on your life today.


With the advanced technology I use one session can bring releasement and forgiveness to lifetimes of traumas and predispositions that lead to major mind body illnesses and repetitive life patterns.



As you explore the eternal life of your soul and its affects on your current life experiences, you reconnect with your loved ones in other incarnations…suddenly forgiveness is possible. Using my Cognitive and Emotional Deletion Protocols which are non traumatic and non imprinting, clients spontaneous heal.

Removing the underlying core issues stops the triggering effect of subconscious conditioning so you are free to respond to life in the moment from the intentions of the conscious mind instead of from automated programs that have been carried forward from other lifetimes.  Aligning the subconscious mind, the repository of your Akashic Records, with the conscious mind is the end of suffering, guilt, anxiety, unworthiness and frustration.

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