Gestational Adaptations

Implications of Gestational & Past Life Adaptations

  Workshop Phoenix Reincarnation Meet-up 2008

Some of the damaging mind games we run on ourselves originated enutero and are called Gestational Adaptations.

If we came along at an inconvenient time for our parents, we may have become convinced that we are not wanted and unlovable thus we may continue to berate and demean ourselves throughout our lives no matter how many people have loved us and approved of us. Things like this are one of the origins of negative self talk and lack of self esteem. This primal rejection is taken as lack of inherent worthiness by our psyche.

Believing mother or father was fighting against our best interests sets up unconscious conflict between what is intuited by the embryo as the threatening parent. These conflicts and distrust issues are then transferred to other people of the same sex, creating gender bias, and setting us up further to fail at interpersonal relationships. We project on to the same sex people our summation of mother or father as the case may be.

If mother was thinking of leaving dad when she found out you were coming, her response to your arrival may well have caused the assumption enutero that she didn’t want you and hence the oppositional attitude toward her that you still haven’t learned to handle. The assumption here is that Mom didn’t want me so this will be a life where I have to look out for myself because she won’t be doing it. There is no understanding of what usually are complicating motivations why Mom didn’t think your birth was the most appropriate timing.

The child assumes the distancing and dislike from the conflicting emotions they feel and project, must be their fault since children before the age of reason, seven, live in an ego centric world where everything is seen as stemming from them or their actions.

Both the good and the bad events taking place in the family are taken credit for by the unreasoning mind of the child.  The parents, noticing the child has a dislike, distrust, fear or aversion to one of the parents, comment on it and label the child,”She’s cold and distant. ” “She’s already closed down,” “unresponsive,” etc.

The child then comes to believe these labels about itself and the self-fulfilling self talk begins. Neither the parents nor the child realizes that the rejection felt by the child in the womb caused a defense mechanism to set up to protect them from further pain.

The offending parent is also deeply wounded and develops their own defenses against what is perceived as the offending child. The child is hurt and rejected repeatedly throughout its childhood which mars them for life. Often the unkind and devastating self talk of the child along with the continued comments of the parents, is confirmed as true many times over as the other children in the family receives the lion’s share of love and affection.  Without dislodging the original gestational adaptation to feeling unwanted, it is difficult to persuade this person that none of this programming is true about them.

This kind of conditioning interferes with and destroys their chance for success and long term happiness in their relationships throughout their lives. Self sabotaging beliefs and self talk continue to be on automatic create, i.e. become unconscious behavior.

Basically if we had a difficult or painful relationship with mother, even sensed during gestation, we may set ourselves up oppositionally to women in general and transfer that same type relationship to other women in our lives until we delete and rescript our beliefs about mother and interpersonal relations with women in general.

These are life patterns that are being set up enutero and regardless if they are true, valid, or real, makes no difference since we know the unconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined or made up, so if you have such a program, it will continue to interfere and disrupt your relationships with woman until it is handled.

Along with this response to perceived beliefs about mom’s lack of love or desire for you in her life are your definition of women in general and mother’s in general, that are also projected onto other women.

The same is true for your frame on your father, men in general, and authority figures.

The difficulties with many a boss are based on difficulties with dad or mother first, depending on who was the authority figure in the family. 

These examples are just a few of the more blocking kinds of gestational adaptations that continue to repeat as subconscious life patterns until they are located and cancelled by therapy. Such is the power of the enutero programming and adaptations.

I have seen many clients who were still blocking relationships based on these early unconscious decisions which they continue to inject into their adult relationships. Regressing back to the womb and reframing the original adaptations brings understanding and forgiveness of the original perception.

Releasing the emotions attached to the adaptation, and choosing new responses to the stimuli the embryo is receiving, does much to finish with these early issues with mom, dad, and the perceived hostile environment, life.

There are also productive gestational adaptations that serve the person as repetitive life patterns that we do not wish to disturb.

Since the focus of this book is to reframe the subconscious programming that is influencing our life in detrimental ways, the discussions will be more concerned with the origins of self talk that obstruct healthy behaviors.

Additional unconscious programs that contain negative beliefs and hence negative self talk include those that we have brought in with us from other lifetimes.

These programs are very powerful in that they are filled with emotional energy that create and trigger the big events of life. Our pessimistic self talk based on these past life issues must be addressed if we are to be truly free to consciously create our life anew this time.

These include the left over energetic residues of beliefs and complexes surrounding unresolved issues, lack of self worth, self loathing, resentments, hatred, fears, anger, jealousy, and biases.  Each of these residues has an attendant set of communications to self accompanying them.

The belief in karma and the interpretation and spiritual baggage that stems from that belief cause many souls to choose to suffer emotionally or physically in this life time. There is no understanding that guilt and recompense can be handled in other ways than playing it out over and over. One can exit the karmic wheel, for instance, by good works and good intentions.

A person suffering from a guilt complex is prey to many more pitfalls than a person without such baggage is. Every time an incident is created by the guilty beliefs and feelings, the “guilty person” has more evidence for his beliefs about himself. Convinced he is bad and deserves punishment, he cannot wait to proclaim it to the world while he is affirming it for himself. Not only is his mental energy,  the frequencies sent out from his mind, attracting punishment and misfortune to him but having voiced his self condemnation brings it into manifestation even faster. People with guilt complexes, and indeed guilty identities, also continue to punish themselves like they were punished as children. They may deny themselves wonderful life experiences, happy relationships, well being and good health, and prosperity believing they don’t deserve the good things of life.

Other souls still harboring resentment and hatred from past lives come in to inflict suffering on others not realizing there is  no need to act out those hostile emotions and seek revenge and payback in this lifetime. Case histories indicate souls tortured in the Holocaust actually cannot wait to return to live out their hatred for mankind.  The caveat to this is to remember that when the soul was originally created, it was filled with pure intentions. How it got disillusioned and confused throughout lifetimes is another subject.

The resulting hatred and anger of these wounded warriors chemically manifests strong and often violent feelings. The words they use to express those strong feelings are pronounced to self and the world daily, and sometimes hourly, as they feel trapped in an irritating situation or world that seems to have no escape. There is a lot of aggression behind the constant messages they keep running through their minds. They are angry and can’t do anything about it so they believe that vocalizing it loudly and often will give them some relief. In fact, the venom being run through their body mind system before their outpouring of bile is received by the world or the person they abhor is causing them not only great upset and frustration but physical damage. They are getting the psychological and biochemical output of their negative feelings and the object of their anger is not.

Disease, dis-ease, not being at ease with life, is often caused by numerous and frequent recitations of discouraging, frustrating, and demeaning beliefs to ourselves.

Such diseases as heart trouble and cancer are known to stem from unresolved and unexpressed anger and hostility.

Regression Therapy is more effective than traditional hypnotherapy alone to handle all the programs caused by dysfunctional gestational adaptations. Regression combined with Deletion Protocols used in hypnotherapeutic trance can handle any past life issue promptly and permanently.

Spontaneous remission of physical impairments and emotional blocks has been known to take place combining these therapy tools quite frequently.

Regression can also assist you to release harmful karmic contacts you have made with yourself in between lives from a confused state of mind that believed in suffering and retribution. This frees you by leaving a space open to create a new agreement with yourself about the nature of the life you would like to see manifested.  As regression therapists, we know people believe they should have pain and illness to make up for lives where they weren’t attentive enough to other ill people. Things like that can be dispensed with to loosen the bonds sickness and pain has on the psyche and thus the body.

It can also be applied to agreements with others created in lifetimes of such traumatic consequence that the rational mind was set aside by the emotional stance of the moment. That emotional person created karmic agreements that only stymie the spiritual growth of both souls making the commitments. That relational agreement between two souls can be re-enacted, the client’s alter ego in that relationship can be contacted and calmed into a rational state of mind. At that point, the persons involved can be persuaded to reformat their contract more productively or release it entirely, thus instantly freeing up both parties to live their life more deliberately.

There is no regression to some stage of the life of the soul to work with the material of that stage that will not bring enormous change, reframe, and freedom from constraints of the past. It is a valuable therapeutic tool that goes beyond traditional talk therapy.

Soul Talk: Rescripting Karmic Contracts




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