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The Miracle of the Season

This is the my 2017 annual Holiday Letter for my friends and family. I hope you enjoy it.

The Miracle of the Season
Excerpted from the copyrighted writings of Adele Tartaglia, Books2ChangeYourLife
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The miracle of the Christmas season is Belief, and believing makes it so. During this sacred time of year we celebrate the birth of the Son of God who came to tell us that believing makes our wishes and prayers show up as miracles. It’s the basis of the tradition of the Magic of the season fulfilled by our Christmas Wish.

The essential belief that sustains our hearts and souls, is an unwavering faith in the Creator’s unconditional love for us. During this most special season of hope, love, and forgiveness, we sing about the wonder of His Love as His Light transforms our troubles and guides us to divine right outcomes. It moves us to tears of gratitude remembering every intercession in our lives, but do we believe it? We must believe it to have faith in it. Every miracle of the season is newsworthy, holiday movies are based on them, as though we need assurance of His love and care because we can’t quite believe it for ourselves.  It’s a fact that miracles take place all the time as are recorded not only in sacred texts but in the everyday annals of our life on the planet. But more importantly, millions of people of all faiths consider God’s omnipotence the basis of their religious precepts. The energy itself of the united beliefs of mass consciousness makes them exist in the world since the mind of man is a creative field in The Field.2

The only requirements to receive a miracle is the belief that miracles are real and that one is possible for you. It is a belief we either have or don’t, want to adopt as our own, or don’t. But in reality, it doesn’t need proof. If you get out of your head and center yourself in your heart, where He lives in, as, and through you, you experience the truth that nothing is impossible with God. You know it. And you realize you are co-creating with Him.

Beliefs are the fundamental causality of everything in our lives. That’s why “Life Is a Reflection of our Beliefs, Change Your Beliefs…Change Your Life”2  is a valid operating principle. It all begins with beliefs which create our thoughts, which give rise to our feelings, which we express in words, which lead to choices, which result in actions. Because beliefs are the energy underlying our reality, we can’t experience anything we don’t believe on some level of consciousness, even if we don’t know we believe it.3 It is a universal law of manifesting, not just miracles at Christmas but every day,  that we focus on our intention with enough pure positive attention to create the desires of our hearts. Doubts and unworthiness beliefs block creation. In order to enter into the vibration of the field of potentialities, we must believe it’s possible first.  If we have to delete opposing beliefs in order to flow positive attention to our intention, we must be willing to change our negative programming.

We must believe Our Father loves us unconditionally and wants only the best for us. And that faith in our belief that there is a beneficent God overseeing our lives and providing everything we need to be happy, peaceful, and whole must be a blind faith. The kind that produces miracles.

 “Whatever you ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you.” “This is the confidence we have before him, whatever you ask for, believing, I will do for you.” “According to your faith will it be done to you.”

Faith is a gift, one that we are assured He has dealt to every man with equal measure. Practicing faith in unseen outcomes is one of life’s major conduits as we transition from state to state, circumstance to circumstance, as we evolve into all we were meant to be, the every present conscious decision makers with free will to create a world imbued with the compassion, equality and equanimity that was the Creator’s intention when He gave us stewardship. We must believe that we are creators made in the image of the Creator to have faith in our ability to contribute to His divine right order. With the world in the condition it is, this transformation will indeed be a miracle.

Life is about feeling not thinking. To experience this exceptional gift of faith, involves us leaving the thinking mind behind so we can slip into the silence between our thoughts and immerse ourselves in the beauty of His inexpressible Divine Love through which everything comes into being. “In him we live, and move, and have our being.”

This superconscious state of awareness beyond time and space returns us to our original Knowingness, which is beyond even faith. In this state, you are pure beingness, you are the created and the creator at the same time, where you know there is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of aspects, coalesced in unity conscious with All That Is.5

You can breathe yourself into this transcendent space since your breath is His breath of life that turned you into a living soul. It’s called stillpoint, the hole in reality through which we experience Reality.4

It is this mystical place of transformation from existence back into our Authentic Soul Self, that knows, and knows it knows. It is our return to our divine essence, unconditional love, and our re-commitment to our divine purpose, compassionate empathy and loving kindness.

This is the mystery, the gift, the miracle of the season that unites and transforms people throughout the world into generous noble souls. And that mystery, that gift, that miracle is Love and we are each given the grace to live there not just for this season, but for as long as we choose.

May you live from your heart… May your heart remain a center of peace…. May you radiate your Divine Essence……Love LOVE IS WHAT YOU ARE!  adeleann 1991

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