#1 chokehold on any business today is the psychology of the owner.”  Tony Robins

The Life Management Center
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Integrative Medicine for the Mind Body Heart & Soul
Make Your Mind Work for You…Instead of Against of You(R)
MBBR Instant Subconscious Reprogramming
Family Counseling
eztherapy@gmail.com for appointments.
Charitable & Social Service Organization
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Adele Tartaglia, Psychology Today Therapist
Developer of MBBR Mind Body Behavioral Therapy
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STOP MEDICATING SYMPTOMS…..Delete the Root Causes!
MBBR: Mind Body Behavioral Reprogramming
Stops the Triggering of Repetitive Life Patterns!

 ERASE & REPLACE  Beliefs, Programs, Behaviors, Emotions, Pain,
Memories, PTSD, Fears, Stuck Emotions, Phobias,
Past Life and Ancestral Imprints SABOTAGING Your Life!

Virtual/Phone Sessions  MBBR Ericksonian Trance Therapy,
Counseling, Regression Sessions 

FREE Consultation:   eztherapy@gmail.com   480/220-2089

Better than 10 years of depressing Talk Therapy!  With one MBBR session,  Adele
located the trauma, deleted it and the emotions attached to it and I was free for
the first time in 10 years….walking on air!    OPRAH  TV Producer

 Non-Imprinting,  Non-Traumatic MBBR Therapy
Custom Designed Protocols Produce
Instant Core-Level Transformations!
DNA Brain Rewiring, Gene Activation & Regulation

 Life is what You Make It…there’s no such thing as luck.
We Don’t Get What We Want……

We Get What We Think About & Focus On
Thoughts create after themselves
in Like Kind. That’s the Law of Mind Action.
Human Attention Particles Create the Reality of Your Life!
Changing Your Mind….Changes Your Life

Life Is A Reflection of Your Beliefs
Change your Beliefs…Change Your Life!
Life Is About Belief Management…
Erase and Replace Beliefs & Programming in Minutes!

Your Beliefs Create your Thoughts….Your Thoughts Create

your Emotions….Your Emotions Create your Self Talk and Your Actions.
You are Not Your Beliefs….You are Not Your Thoughts….You are Not

Your Emotions….You are Not Your Self Talk….You are Not Your Actions

       IF YOUR LIFE is PERFECT…. Just As It Is…. DON’T CALL     480/220-2089       

Create the Life You Want….Instead of Accepting the Life You Have!
You were born Totally Empowered as a Co-creator and
Infinitely Worthy of abundant Prosperity in Every area of life!
Only your programming is stopping it from showing up for you!

DELETE Identities that show up as
Addictions, Suffering, Anxiety, Unworthiness, Anger,
Money Issues, Failure, Victimhood, and Self Esteem Issues

It is safe for you to feel your feelings once you delete your traumatic imprints.
Live and Create Consciously in the Present Moment instead 
of living from Unconscious Negative Programming 98% of the time!

 Stop PTSD  Symptoms Without Exposure or Immersion Therapy
Delete Trauma & Triggering in One Session
from any kind of memories and events.
Erase & Replace Fears, Phobias, and  Stuck Emotions 

Regain Your Health and Live a Full Life once we release the
trapped energy, beliefs, pain, and traumatic injuries stored in your body.
This Deletes inherited, past life, and current Traumatic Triggering Patterns.

When you make a Commitment to Heal, the
universe lovingly rushes in to provide you with
the best possible avenue to do that because you are
inherently Infinitely Worthy with Unlimited Power to
deliberately create your life of balance, joy, fulfillment,
abundant good health and prosperity in every area.

Adele Tartaglia, Bd. Certified  Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
ABCH Board Certified Past & Current Life Regression Therapist
Avatar Master Self Empowerment Facilitator
Harvard Medical School Spirituality & Healing
Power Places Tours International Speaker
Psycho-Astrology Reports
Predictive Transits Fortuitous Times to
Schedule Tasks & Events Order 30day Printout

You just resolved my problems in twenty minutes.  I wish I’d met you years ago
instead of wasting all that time with my psychiatrist!   KI

Why is this Happening to Me…Again?
Because you haven’t removed the program triggering the same event.
Erase and Replace the Programs creating the Repetitive event
Get a fresh start in life creating your life events, what the
Ancient Spiritual Masters called using our latent human potential.

Adele Tartaglia,  Interfaith New Thought Minister
Addiction Center Referral Therapist
Transform Your Life Instantly Radio Show
AskTheTherapist@huffingtonpost, twitter, facebook

Phone & Online Diagnoses of Core Issues 

 She is a brilliant, loving, and efficient facilitator and skilled therapist….she helps
me to get through very difficult topics with ease… her nonjudgmental approach 
effective and brings situations and problems to light in incredible speed.
She is tremendously gifted and experienced.   

You Are Not Your Experiences
You Are Not Your Traumas
You Are Not Your Pain
You Are Not Your Body
You Are Not Your Health
You Are Not Your Memories
You Are Not the Labels Put on You
You Are Not Your Actions
You Are Not Your Past
You Are Not Your Bank Account…house…or car
You Are not Your Failures
You Are Not Your Personality
You Are Your Authentic Soul Self (R) that Knows…. and Knows it Knows!

The more Subconscious & Somatic Blocks and Limitations you delete, the 
faster you return to your wholly integrated Authentic Soul Self that
is wholly kind, loving, compassionate, and integrated….
the Real You Before the Programming and Traumas.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”  C.G. Jung

I just returned from one of my public speaking coaching sessions and I must tell
you how remarkable my progress has been. I am calmer and it shows in my voice and manner….I do believe the major issues with anxiety have been overcome 
through your sessions.  Dr. ED  Psychologist, Author

 MBBR Ends Anxiety & Environmental Depression  Without Drugs
by Deleting the Causes of the Depression & Anxiety

Stop Being Broke…Remove Money Blocks in Minutes
and get an Instant Success Rewire
Delete Negative Thoughts and Failure Identities and Grow Rich!

Inferiority Complexes, Unworthiness  & Victimhood
Block Prosperity, keep You in Lack Consciousness,
And Undermind Your Efforts for Financial Security


I feel wonderful, excited, motivated, and hopeful.  No one can give me clarity  about
what to do in my life like you can.  You have helped me to end many fears ruining
my relationships.  EH Rock Star

End Addiction for Good ….Delete Your Addictive Personality
& the Reasons for Your Self-Medicating
Tax-Free Behavioral Smoking and Weight Counseling

Stop Using Food to Self-Medicate,
Reset your Metabolic Set-Point

Become a Non-Smoker
Delete “Cigarettes are my Best Friend” 

You’re Only as Limited as You Believe You Are!

“How Your Mind Can Reprogram Your Genes”
Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist
Energetically we are not predetermined to have
our family’s illnesses.
Our beliefs and programs turn our genes off and on
Change Your Beliefs & Change Your Genetics…
Instead of Having Fear-based Surgery

I feel major shifts and tremendous peace inside. I’m having great
communication with my mother and father since our session.
It’s been very interesting.   Thank you, Counselor/Coach

Transform Your Life One Issue at a time…
Align Your Subconscious with Your Conscious Goals
And They Manifest Automatically!

Neuroscience says we operate out of our Subconscious 97% of the Time!
And 75% of its content is Negative and Self Sabotaging
Outdated Passed down Subconscious Programs Handle Today’s Complex Issues

Our thoughts, emotions, actions, attitudes, speech, and reactions are unconscious!
Automatic Subconscious Programs & Habits Are CREATING Your LIFE
Not your Conscious Mind’s Choices & Will Power.

Your Subconscious is a Million Times More Powerful than Your

Rational Mind and conducts 95% of your brain activity.

Most Subconscious Programs and Are NOT EVEN Your Own!
Basic Areas of Life were Decided for You By Other People.
Pre-Wired Into Your Auto-Pilot, they became Self-Fulfilling!
You are RE-LIVING Your Parent’s Lives Until You Reprogram Your SC Mind
Direct it to Re-code Your DNA & Your Negative Morphogenetic Field

 Beliefs About Self, Others, Health, Work, Money Life,
Love & 
Relationships are programmed Into Your Mind by
age 6.  Your mind 
is filled with Intergenerational, and
Socialized mass consciousness 
convictions, perceptions,
traumas, fears, emotions, expectations, 
biases, beliefs, attitudes, habits, and behaviors.

Negative and oppositional, they stop you from being Happy,
Healthy, Loved, Successful, Self-Confident, and Worthy.

MBBR Therapy Replaces these Debilitating Beliefs & Programs
with Programs Aligned with Who You Are, What You Want,  What Your Purpose Is,
 What Brings You Self-fulfillment, Happiness & Success!

Adele is wonderful at helping people get through the crises in their lives.  She has
a very unique approach. Instead of suggesting continuous and long drawn out talk
therapy, she gets right to the problem in a few sessions then helps you quickly
overcome it.  It really works when you understand that you don’t have to suffer
anymore. You have a choice and  Adele helps you understand that and
gets you there.     Haliburton  Executive


This is whole person Holistic Mind Body Behavioral therapy.
The body-mind-heart organism is one inseparable, fully integrated system
eavesdropping on itself with an endless feedback loop of chemical messengers
directing it based on your beliefs about yourself, others and the world.

Your body, your “Embodied Mind” believes every word and thought you have
about it. By deleting beliefs keeping you stuck suffering mentally, emotionally,
and physically, the body heals along with the mind, emotions, and spirit.

 Check Client Services & Modalities in the Top Menu for the
List of Issues That Can be Easily Erased & Replaced

Adele Tartaglia, Author,
Speaker, Radio Show Host, Interfaith Minister,
Avatar Master Self-Empowerment Facilitator at
Memorial Hermann Prevention/Recovery Therapist

soon on YouTube and as podcasts again

I’m doing great. The session we did removing the link and erasing my view
of my husband as my father really helped and I thank you for that. Phone
Sessions do work.  My husband and I are communicating beautifully, which
makes all the difference for us.  
Thanks for this .  SK Success Coach, Radio Host

 POWERFUL Success & Wealth Rewire 
Delete Lack Consciousness & Unworthiness Identities!

NO 90 DAY Repetitions, Affirmations, Brain Wave
Vision Boards or Visualizations NECESSARY

LIFE is a Reflection of Your Beliefs.
Change Your Beliefs….Change Your Life!
Belief Management IS Life Management

Whether You Know You Believe It…. Or Not!
Delete Beliefs You Don’t Want to Experience… in Minutes! 

UNLIKE Talk Therapy, Mind Body Behavioral Therapy
Involves No Drugs
And is Non-Imprinting and Non-Traumatic!

Ending PTSD & Addictions is Less Frightening, Painful, and Stressful

 Unless You Bring Your Subconscious Into Sync with Your Aspirations,
They Conflict & Get Sabotaged by More Powerful Subconscious ones.
Aligning Your Multi-leveled Mind Allows You to Manifest Your Desires

 When your Unconscious Vibrations Match your Conscious Mind’s
your SC Auto-Pilot Activates the Law of Attraction.


It’s NEVER About the Event. It’s always about Your ATTITUDE
About the Event. 
Attitudinal Shifts from Subliminal Reprogramming
Change Your Brain Waves, Biochemistry, Cellular Memory, Nervous
System, DNA, and Biology.   Your Body Mind System ALIGNS with
the  Universal Laws 
of Living and Divine Synchronicity and
Divine Right 
Order is Restored to Your life. 

Adele is a truly gifted person on this planet. She is able to assist you to move
past boundaries and borders and create the life you desire with love, compassion,
and caring that not many people have.  Jeanne Henderson, Success Coach

 FREE  Coaching Interview

Multi-million Dollar Business Owner teaches you to align your
mind, heart, attention, efforts, and workload to produce a
balanced life honoring Personal and Professional Goals so guilt
and loneliness do not distract you from the tasks at hand.

Learn to Deliberately Create What You Want in Life and in
Business with a Coach
 Who Knows Your Goals and Supports Your
Attaining Them with MRBR,
 the Most Powerful Tool Available Today

Use Subconscious Reprogramming to Erase and Replace Programs
Blocking Opportunities, Money Flow, Success, & Self-Fulfillment.

Learn the Essential Elements for Successful Goal Fulfillment…
The Secret of Synchronicity of Attention, Intention, and Emotional Alignment

Handle Your Insecurities, Show Up for Your Life, Allow Your Aspirations
to manifest by Deleting everything 
Undermining Your Achievements

Set Your Auto-Pilot direction toward fulfillment of your Objectives
Let your Aligned Dual Mind Take Control Your Life 

Life Alignment Precedes Goal Setting.
Discover Your Motivations and Talents and
coordinate them with What You’re Trying to Accomplish.

Establish a Deep-Seated Sense of Self- Confidence
….perhaps for the First Time in your life.

Develop your unique Purpose and Destination
and Commit to it
so Momentum Accrues Effortlessly.   

Make Use of Your Whole Person by Aligning Your Mental, Physical,
and Spiritual Attributes toward the realization of your ambitions.

Increase Your Power and Effectiveness by Staying Present in the Moment.
Stop Unconscious Triggering that Regresses You Back to the Past and
renders you unconscious and powerless.

Double Your Productivity With Less Effort.
Learn How to Focus All Your Attention on Your
so effortless Success is Automatic.

Stop Repetitive Life Patterns like Failure and Bankruptcy
by Deleting
the Programs Creating them.

Learn The Importance of Conscious Languaging. Commit to stop
 Saying Things You Don’t Want to experience
like Self-Defeating Self Talk that results in failure and hopelessness.

I feel major shifts and tremendous peace inside. I’m having great communication
with my mother and father since our session. It’s been very interesting.
Thank you. AH Counselor

Adele Tartaglia, CPRT Board Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

See also
What Can Past Life Regression Do for Us

 Past, Current, & Parallel Life Regressions

Relationships, Finances, Addictions, and Illnesses 
Are Particularly Responsive to Regression Therapy.

 Clients Finish These Issues Permanently in One Session
using Mental Emotional Behavioral Reprogramming
 as the frame work.

Marriages are Saved as Biases, Fear, Hatred, and Resentments Dissolve.

Parents and Children Begin to Compassionately Understand
Each Other Once their Historical Roles are Revealed.

Love and Respect are Restored after Lifetimes of Abuse.



Relationship Training and Compatibility Profiling give you
a head start 
and increase your chances of marital success.

MEPR Therapy Deletes Negative Parental Modeling &
Psychic and Emotional Residue that Interfere with Committed,
Harmonious, Loving, Respectful, and Supportive Relationships.

 LACK of TRUST and FEAR of INTIMACY Are Dealt with PRIOR to Marriage.

One fiancé whose life was Surrounded by Death found the
element in his regression to the battle field. After erasing
the trauma and PSTD, he never
experienced it again
which Changed the Quality of both of their lives.

Another fiancée regressed to discover the reason for his Fear of Flying
we deleted so they could take a flight for their honeymoon.

Adele is very caring and very smart and perceptive. If you  need a new viewpoint
life or want to solve a life-long issue,  go for it.  She’s that good.  WE Avatar Wizard


– To Return to Their Authentic Soul Selves –
– To Fulfill Their Life Purpose –

– To Actualize Their Potential –

– Accept Responsibly for Their Thoughts, Words and Deeds –

– Possess An Abiding Awareness That They Are Creating It All

& Can Stop Creating It Whenever They Want To –
– Have the Ability To Handle Life Challenges as Opportunities –

– Experience Self Worthiness & Self-Esteem for the First Time –

– Be Confident That They Can Do Anything They Set Their Mind To-

– Finish With the Unresolved Issues of Childhood –

– Compulsive Behaviors and Repetitive Life Patterns –

– Create Intentionally Rather Than from Default Settings –

– Shift from Disempowering Speech to Conscious Languaging –

– Live in the Moment Instead of Triggering Back to the Past-

– Have Everything They Need to Be the Person They Want Be
And Have the Life They Want To Have!-

Adele Tartaglia has a heart of gold so if you choose to work with her for
counseling you will be in good hands with someone who really cares. But
more than that she also knows everything about all the different healing
modalities out there and she tailors each one to the client based on what
they need at that moment.  CEO Optum Consulting

 You Deserve an Effortless Life that Flows Smoothly for You.
Stop Random Events, Triggering, Compulsions & Obsessions
Live Deliberately by Erasing & Replacing the Programs and
Identities Blocking What You Want Out of Life.

You Are the Light (c) 1994 Subliminal Restructuring
Returns You to Your Authentic Soul Self
whose Divine Essence is Love & Divine Nature is Compassion.

Reprogramming Your Mind Allows You to Show Up for Your Life,
Stay Present in the Moment, Conscious and Aware.

Life Is About Choice and You Are the Decision Maker!
The Decision Not to Decide is a Decision!

 Only You Can Decide to Change the Way You Think
  Thus Changing the Way You Live… 

By Changing the Beliefs Out picturing As Your Life.

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Life!
Don’t Let Your Mind Frustrate Your Goals Any Longer.
Make the Monkey Chatter Stop.
Stop Letting Your Mind Run You In Circles,
Lie to You and Confuse the Issues.

Call Today and Take Back Your Life! 480-220-2089  eztherapy@gmail.com

 As an Adult You Are Responsible Healing your past so you can  Stop
Passing Down Negative Intergenerational Beliefs & Biases

Conscious Languaging and Intentional Behaviors are Tools that Automatically
give you the Self-Esteem that comes from Good Parenting.
 Modeling Healthy THOUGHTS, Behaviors and Perspectives for Your Family.

The BEST in BODY MIND MEDICINE based on Make Your Mind Work for You….
Instead of Against You(c)
ISBN 1-4243-2292-8, 2005, Books2ChangeYourLife
Adele Tartaglia.  Look for Updated 2nd Edition.
Webinars  & Radio Show Soon

The Fullness of Self Actualization and the Joy of Living Consciously Spring Naturally
from Alignment with the Real Self, the Authentic Soul Self
Before the Programming
who knows
and it Knows it Knows that Aligning the Intentions of the Mind, Body,
Heart, and Spirit brings Harmony and Unity Consciousness to the Human Personality.
from Soul Talk: Re-scripting Karmic Contracts(c), 2008

Every time you erase and replace programs that aren’t serving you or others,
your vibrations elevate and flow forth joyfully to bless the world.
You are a quantum field in The Field and it is yours to do what you came
here to do.
You are the light of the world…and it’s up to you to remove anything
that blocks your divine radiance from shining upon the souls of your
beloved brothers and sisters.

Adele helped me get a fixed loan at a great low fixed rate after I tried for years.
In one session she deleted my negative beliefs and I got a great loan immediately.


A quiet lake oasis where souls in search of themselves
can recover their Authentic Soul Selves before the
programming, re-create their lives, and handle
their issues in a safe, gentle, and loving atmosphere.

Adele, Thank you for being the gift that you are knowledgeable, wise, loving,
compassionate, joyful and passionate.     Melvy Murguia, CPC, Quantum Coach

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