About Ask the Therapist Blog

About the Ask the Therapist Blog

 A free Question and Answer Blog to gives you insight
into why you do the things you do,
why you don’t do the things you think you should do
or want to do, why you’re behaving like you are now,
who you really are and what beliefs are blocking
your authentic self from showing up,
how you got programmed, how to delete the programs
keeping you from fulfilling your life passion,
having successful relationships, being financially secure,
radiantly healthy in mind, body, and spirit and eminently happy.

Remember we don’t get what we wish for,
we get what we Think about and Focus on.
Deliberately choosing what to put your attention on
moment by moment…. Changes your life!

Thoughts are things that create after themselves in like-kind
Negative thoughts create negative life events.
Positive thoughts create positive life events.
This is the Law of Mind Action.

Your Life is a Reflection of Your Beliefs,
Change your Beliefs….Change Your Life.

We can learn to live in the present moment out of our
conscious minds where we set Intentions for what 
we want to create and experience …..

Instead of living unconsciously from our subconscious
minds which
we do 97% of the time.  Because it’s mostly
negative,  living out of this pre-programmed mind
 is always going to keep us stuck in negative patterns
of thoughts, feelings, and actions, 
that are not even our own. 

 Remember you were born perfectly worthy in every way.
It is your inherent essence.

As soon as  you make the decision to be happy, successful
and healthy, life cooperates by setting up every opportunity
for all of your intentions to come true for you!
You’re the only Decision Maker in your life.

Life Loves You and the more you delete negative subconscious
programs that were installed
 for you before the age of reason,
the easier it will become 
for you to rise up every morning
and return love and joy to Life and Yourself!

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I look forward to visiting with you.  Change is simple with MBBR
Instant Subconscious Reprogramming


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