How to Finally End Your Anxiety

How to Finally End Your Anxiety

This is an extensive subject unique to each individual so this is a cursory overview.

If your anxiety is not biologically based, you can Make Your Mind Work For You Instead Of Against You® without medication. You can approach your anxiety holistically using Integrative Medical Therapies such as MBBR Therapy which can facilitate the end of your anxiety.  Supplements, a Theta Brain Wave MP3, and meditation can help you cope with the effects anxiety has on your body mind system until you have the opportunity to seek a more permanent solution. I will tell you about each of these in a later post. I put a link to get the best Theta Brain Wave MP3 below.

MBBR, Mind Bod Behavioral Reprogramming, is Instant Subconscious Reprogramming, the subconscious being 3000 times more dominant and influential in how your life is being played out than the conscious mind is. The programs installed in your subconscious mind before the age of reason will continue to out-picture as your life until and unless you erase and replace the predominately negative content of your unconscious and choose how you want your life to turn out.

This advanced therapy is easy and successful because it restructures the part of your mind that controls your life with custom designed protocols that target your specific triggers and deletes them. It is the most powerful modality to end stress and anxiety available today. Instant Subconscious Reprogramming allows you to erase and replace the underlying causes of your anxiety along with the physical and emotional impact to your body mind system, including the biological changes generated by the source of your tension. Deleting destructive beliefs and fear generating programs changes self-sabotaging self-talk into life affirming self-talk thereby stopping anxiety at the root cause.

Contrary to long term Talk Therapy which imprints you and traumatizes you every time your tell your story, non-imprinting, non-traumatizing MBBR eliminates stimuli and triggers in one to two sessions depending on how many different causal factors there are. There are usually associated collections of beliefs that form a complex so removing the beliefs and the fears supporting the complex can terminate the entire complex.

Common causes of anxiety are the beliefs, programs, emotions, memories, fears, and traumas that are sabotaging your life. Fortunately, all of these mental constructs can be erased and replaced.

Removing  intergenerational and mass conscious programming and replacing it with positive life supporting reframes and rescripts that contain your own positive beliefs allows you to start living your own life with your own desires and goals for the first time. When you stop reliving your parent’s lives it takes that enormous pressure and frustration off you to fulfill their purposes for your life, instead of your own.

Handling each issue that acts as a stimulus to stress and anxiety, you will be able to free yourself from this epidemic of the American way of life. We are programming ourselves to become so habitually filled with anxiety and stress that we accept it as a regular part of life along with the medications used to fight it so we can maintain at least a modicum of control over our lives.

In the next blog post, I will explain how you start the healing process by keeping an Anxiety Journal so we can ascertain exactly what your stressors are to prepare to custom design your personal protocols.

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