There’s A Hole in Reality…through which to see REALITY

Quotations from the Books of Adele Tartaglia

Every soul is a field within the field of all potentiality, unique in its essence and
abilities to influence the outcome of things according to that soul’s own divine spark
and essential essence decided upon before entering into the body corporeal.
There are no souls unneeded, no personalities not directly impacting all other personalities,
no histories not intertwined with every other soul’s history, no vocation so unimportant
in the grand scheme that it can be said to be inconsequential.


The mind retains memory of everything experienced in every lifetime the alter ego has or is exploring
concurrently or in what appears to be the past.These memories contain beliefs and programs that are not
your own, misperceptions and erroneous conclusions that you base your future decisions on, thus
perpetuating your biased viewpoint on life. Reframing, releasing, and resolving old patterns and beliefs
opens the way for a fuller experience of the present moment.


The inconsistencies between the old programming in the subconscious mind and the new programming and
goals in the conscious mind creates an out of sync, in conflict state between the multi-leveled mind of man.
This is the determining factor in your success or failure in achieving your goals and maintaining a balanced life.
Once the unconscious mind’s beliefs and goals are brought into congruity with the conscious mind’s beliefs and
goals, success is automatic. The therapeutic goal is to set up a harmonic resonance between the two so that they
work cooperatively together rather than blocking and sabotaging each other. By synchronizing energetic patterns,
your manifesting power is exponentially magnified, an effortless process, and has guaranteed outcomes.
It is this easy to have a happy, loving, peaceful life of purpose.


It is man’s nature to be essentially and substantially free: free of self doubt, free of self condemnation, free of
fears, free of guilt, free of suffering, free of lack, and free of anger. That freedom is to be found in the
acknowledgement, forgiveness, and deletion of compulsive and unconscious beliefs, behaviors, personality
traits, and defense mechanisms. Thus is a reverence for life to become firmly established in the heart of man.


There is a unity in the universe. There is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of forms and aspects.
All created things from the plant and animal world to the planet herself are united in the spirit of that which
fashioned it all, Universal Mind. As a creative force within universal consciousness, we have thrust upon us
from inception the obligation to align with the divine matrix the Oversoul intended.


Whatever you are worrying about or fearing…you are creating! Worry and fear always create the event you are
concerned about. Energy always creates the object of its attention. Negative energy directed toward any event
produces more of, and amplifies, that experience. Faith itself will manifest its desired outcome. Be it done unto you
according to your faith.

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