Secrets of Eternal Youth

  The Secrets of Eternal Youth Class
Getting Rid of the Mass Conscious Beliefs
That Are Causing You to Age

Reverse the Aging Process Naturally…..Start De-Aging Today

Come play with us and learn the mass conscious beliefs we need to get rid of to stop aging in its tracks!  Learn the principles underlying aging so you can reverse them and start getting younger every day!  Clinical Hypnotherapy will be available to assist you in handling your beliefs about the aging process!!

I recommend you suspend your assumptions and beliefs about the so called “natural aging process” while you are studying this course.

We want to explore the possibility of living in a world where youthful vigor, renewal, fulfillment,  and timelessness are the common experience of everyday life; where old age, senility, infirmity, and death do not exist and are not even entertained as possibilities.

The only thing preventing us from living in this world is our conditioning, the collective mass conscious world view, aptly called “the hypnosis of social conditioning.”  There is nothing any more real or true about life and aging contained in this worldview, than you can create for yourself by constructing a new paradigm from which to live your life.

We know that beliefs can be easily removed from the subconscious and the conscious mind with my Cognitive deletion Protocols I use at my therapy practice. Once discarded, new beliefs which would support our living to any age we desire, in perfect mental and physical health, can be created to replace the ones that do us the great disservice of causing the mind body system to age.

The shame of it is, is that the way we have collectively set up the aging process, just about the time experience and wisdom flood the mind with innovative and creative solutions to life’s challenges, just about the time we realize we are creating it all and can stop creating it anytime we want to, thereby enabling us to handle anything that arises in life, just about the time peace envelopes the heart and mind, because of our beliefs to the contrary, we can’t enjoy these gifts of age.

Your body is aging beyond your control only because it has been programmed to. If for instance, you strongly believe that the surplus of free radicals caused by food processing in our country are more than the human body knows how to handle, if you watch and read a lot of information about aging and anti-aging, you may have to then delete many of the beliefs contained herein.  It’s an interesting scenario….we want to stay informed and yet with less education we wouldn’t have half the negative beliefs we have that are manifesting in our lives in like kind, and we would be in better shape.

The same is true for the mind. After sixty, many of us have learned so much, come to understand so much about this process of living, have changed so much and become so much more than we were early in life when we resisted instead of received the gift of the experience, remembered we are part of All That Is,  and feel so much saner, calmer and more beneficent since we are no longer caught up in our own importance. And yet we are constantly told the mind is not what it once was, that it is declining along with the eyes, the muscles, the skin, etc. while our real perspective is that all evidence is to the contrary. We never felt better, acted better, or loved better. You often hear those in what I consider the prime of life, sixty and beyond, saying inside they are still eighteen years old. We all feel that way but with wisdom, and you can’t beat that combination. The excitement for life tempered by know how.

In order to experience an ageless body and a timeless mind you must get rid of some common assumptions about who you are and what the true nature of the mind and body is.

In everyday language, here are some assumptions we must discard in order to stop the aging process as we know it.

1. The world is a separate entity from myself and my perception of it has nothing to do with me or it.  My body is part of this objective world that i have nothing to do with and no control over.

2. The body is composed of clumps of solid matter separated by time and space.

3. Mind and body are two separate organisms, separate and independent of each other.

4. What is material and can be observed by the five senses is what is real and important.

5. Our perception of the world and ourselves is automatic and gives us an accurate picture of how things really are.  We have no control over our perception of the world.

6. Our consciousness and spirituality are secondary in importance to our bodies and the world of materiality. We are bodies that have learned to think.

7. Our true nature is totally defined by the body, ego, and personality.

8. Human awareness can be explained as the product of biochemistry.  We are nothing more than memories and desires wrapped in physical bodies.

9. Each of is a separate, self-contained individual, disconnected from each other and the universe. 

10. The existence of time is a physical reality from which there is no escape for us.  The ravages of time for each of us is a preordained destiny.

11. Suffering is a necessary part of reality. We are inevitable victims of sickness, aging, and death.

12. Death and taxes are inevitable.

These assumptions reach far beyond aging to define a world of separation, decay, and death. Time is seen and experienced as a prison that no one escapes; our bodies are biochemical machines that like all machines must run down.

But we know that these assumptions are erroneous. Einstein’s quantum physics gave us a new definition of time, space, matter, and reality, which the world at large and mass conscious conditioning, has yet to catch up with. The experience of time can individualized by each person and does not in actuality exist as a real thing unless you are creating it to be real in your life. It is a means of keeping our history in order.

Humans are the only creatures on earth who can change their biology by what they think. Cellular Biology has assured us we are not genetically predetermined in any way. We possess the only nervous system that is aware of the phenomenon of aging. And because we are aware, our mental state influences what we are aware of.  We are the observer observing itself in action.

Not only our minds and memories but our complete consciousness including subconscious beliefs and attitudes, are in every atom, every cell, and every organ of our mind body system. So if we hold a belief that aging is inevitable, that the ravages of time must consume our fleshly bodies, then whom can we blame when the body restructures itself around these devastatingly negative and hopeless beliefs. Our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts and being changed by them.  Our own minds are the environment which is mutating our cell receptors and our DNA.

A bout of depression can wreak havoc with the immune system; falling in love can boost it. Despair and hopelessness raise the risk of heart attacks and cancer, needlessly shortening life. Joy and fulfillment keep us healthy and extend life. The line between biology and psychology can’t really be drawn with any certainty. A remembered stress releases the same flood of destructive hormones as the stress itself. 

The beliefs held by the world and a large part of the medical profession, are as negative and discouraging as one could ever imagine.  It is a rare person in our society who has set aside, or stepped outside, the boundaries and limitations contained in mass conscious programming regarded age. And yet, other societies live well beyond a hundred, still productive and highly regarded as valuable members of society. 

In general, there’s only one form of the human body, so the difference in longevity has to lie in beliefs about the aging process, the importance or lack of importance of diet, family connections, contributions to society, respect and value for the aged as the elders, and other positive or negative beliefs held by the culture.

Are we victims of time or can we, in fact, as Einstein has told us, set time aside as an invention of man, entirely specific to each of us? Is the matter of which the body composed actually solid and fixed in nature or is the body 99% empty space containing energy and information, turning off and on constantly?

Can we ever escape from the tyranny of the false beliefs constantly being perpetrated by mass media on the unsuspecting public? Can we create our own beliefs that will contribute to the health, happiness, and joy we all desire? Of course we can. There is nothing we cannot do once we understand the workings of consciousness and the complete unity and interconnectedness of the mind body organism. 

The Harvard School of Medicine has a department devoted to the study of mind body spirit medicine where they teach the biology that results from the power of our beliefs. Their research is replete with examples illustrating the relationship of mind and body and the paralyzing power of negative beliefs. Herbert Benson, the head of this department, and creator of the Relaxation Response and Timeless Healing, has said that “timelessly influential, our values [and beliefs] cannot help but manifest themselves.” His hope is that we can “learn to appreciate the power of our beliefs so that we can embrace life, and the meaning of life for the fullest measure of health.”  He has devoted his time to studying those who have lived outside of time and the accepted influences of the environment on the human body. For years he has taken his medical measurement equipment to the Tibetan monks to try to ascertain why they can suspend their bodies and minds from the beliefs of collective consciousness.

Because the mind influences every cell in the body, human aging is fluid and changeable; it can speed up, slow down, stop for a time, and even reverse itself. Hundreds of research findings have verified that aging is much more dependent on the individual than was ever known in the past.

The assumptions above from the old paradigm do not accurately describe our reality. They are inventions of the human mind that we have turned into rules. To challenge aging at its core, the entire world view must be challenged first, for nothing holds more power over the body than beliefs of the mind. Deepak Chopra, MD.

We know that beliefs are the energy creating our lives and that we can only experience what we believe whether it’s on a conscious or unconscious unaware level. Beliefs create every aspect of our lives including our bodies, minds, environments, circumstances, even how other people perceive and treat us. A. Tartaglia

Replacing each assumption of the old paradigm with an expanded and corrected view of the truth about reality gives us the ability to rewrite the program of aging that currently directs our cells and the aging process for each of our bodies.

Here are some beliefs that we may want to create for ourselves toward this end of de-aging and reversing the effects the old programming has already had on our mind body systems.

1. The physical world, including bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world…..moment to moment.

2. In their essential state, our bodies are composed of energy and information, not solid matter. This energy and information is an outcropping of infinite fields of energy and information spanning the universe.

3. The mind and body are inseparably one. The unity that is “me” separates into two streams of experience. I experience the subjective stream as thoughts, feelings, and desires. I experience the objective stream as my body. At a deeper level, the two streams meet at a single creative source, which is my highest state of awareness from which I can create any body structure and type i desire at will. It is from this source state that we are meant to live.

4. The biochemistry of the body is a product of awareness. Beliefs, thoughts, and emotions create the chemical reactions that uphold life in every cell.  An aging cell is the end product of awareness that has forgotten how to remain new and young.

5. Perception appears to be automatic, but in fact it is a learned phenomenon. The world you live in, including the experience of your own body, is completely dictated by how you learned to perceive it.  If you change your perception, you change the experience of your body and your world.  It is your personal perceptual reality and filters that determine how your mind interprets and acts upon what is presenting in the outside world which is anything but an exact duplication of the reality.

6. Impulses and intelligence create your body in new form every second. What you are is the sum total of these impulses, and by changing their patterns, you will change your body. It is only due to cellular memory that we keep showing up in the same  form….and we can delete and alter cellular memory.

7. This is the essence of the new cellular biology….that the beliefs and information from your environment are changing your cellular biology and DNA moment to moment. I extend that idea to include the premise that your own multilayered mind is also part of the environment from which stimuli, assumptions and decisions are being made and altering cells. Therefore, we are in control of our minds if we choose to be, and can deliberately choose what directions to send from the brain to the body and vice versa.

8. Although each person seems separate and independent, all of us are connected to patterns of intelligence that govern the whole cosmos. Our bodies are part of a universal body, our minds an aspect of a universal mind… which is entirely purposely and perpetually perfect in ordination and fulfillment.

9. Time does not exist as an absolute, but only eternity. Time is quantified eternity, timelessness chopped up into bits and pieces (seconds, hours, days, years) by man. What we call linear time is a reflection of how we perceive change. If we could perceive the changeless, times would cease to exist, as we know it. We can learn to start metabolizing non-change, eternity, the absolute. By doing that, we will be ready to create the physiology of immortality.

10. Each of us inhabits a reality lying beyond all change. Deep inside us, unknown to the five senses, is an innermost core of being, a field of non-change that creates personality, ego, and body. This source being, aware will, is our essential state-it is who we really are.

11. We are not victims of aging, sickness, and death. These are part of the scenery, not the seer, ourselves, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being which, by its very nature, can never cease to exist. 

12. The body, as is the mind, is an out picturing of the thoughts held consciousness. If we believe we are old, fat, ill, the body will present evidence to support those beliefs. Your health, indeed your entire life, is a reflection of your beliefs. If you want to change your body as you are experiencing it, you need to change the beliefs creating it as such.

13. The endless feedback loop being delivered by the neuropeptides between the body mind system constantly keeps both parts updated and made aware of memories, emotions, beliefs, external data, subconscious programs and dispositions, and physical cravings informing the mind which bio chemicals it needs to produce in order to maintain the homeostasis that it has become accustomed to.

14.   We are the field within the field deciding which stimuli or piece of information being presented to a mind that is constantly scanning for importance or danger shall be acted upon, invested in with intensified energy, and expanded into with focused attention to create as the next event.

These assumptions are the making of a new reality, all of which are grounded in the discoveries of quantum physics made almost a hundred years ago.  The seeds of this new paradigm were planted by Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, who realized that the accepted way of viewing the physical world was false. There is no objective reality and no proof that reality exists apart from the observer. No two people share exactly the same universe. Every worldview creates its own world.  So why not re-create our own body mind system according to what we want to experience as our selves.

 Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra
Transform Your Life: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You, Adele Tartaglia











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