What Is Your Vision for Your Life?

What Is Your Vision for Your Life?

There is a saying….
“Create the Highest Grandest Vision
Possible for Your Life,
Because You Become What You Believe.”

You don’t actually become it but you show up for your life, or don’t, based on who you envision you are and what you perceive your life will be. Your programming is like a self-fulfilling prophecy until you start to delete the false parts of it that are not serving you because the fully integrated body mind heart system is eavesdropping on your thoughts and viewpoints and believes everything you think and say to yourself without regard for the validity of the program.

You can’t experience anything, including an identity, that you don’t believe on some level of consciousness. Even if you don’t know you believe it. Much of our life is the outpicturing of the content of our subconscious minds which was pre-programmed for us by the age of reason by other people, not us.

If you believe you are a victim, you will subliminally attract the right people and circumstances to experience victimhood as your life pattern. Alternatively, if you believe you’re here to make a difference, to contribute, and that you have every thing you need to impact the world in a positive and meaningful way, you will make a difference because your mind believes you do have everything you need to facilitate positive change and is expecting you will do just that; expectations contributing strongly to outcomes.

So examine your beliefs by examining your thoughts because beliefs cause your thoughts, your thoughts produce your emotions and they are frequently the motivating factor for your actions.

Suppose I have been programmed to believe I am worthless and have no inherent value. That belief causes repetitive thoughts about how useless and unlovable I am. Man needs to believe he is inherently worthy, approved of, and lovable. So believing I’m not worthy, approved of or lovable, I am miserable so I take actions based on my misery over my lack of what I need to feel good. I become a perfectionist and/or a workaholic because the world loves people who are excellent at what they do, and I work obsessively to become a success because the world loves an overachiever.

This will be your life, which is not a life at all, unless you change your vision for your life by deleting a few of your basic negative beliefs. Easily done and with your change in viewpoint, suddenly your life is filled with self-esteem which makes you confident enough to become self-fulfilled and loving yourself, makes you lovable.

This makes you feel happy instead of miserable and adventurous instead of fearful because you are now confident and free to actually have a life of your choosing instead of being a slave to the unachievable goal of perfection and compulsively working to the exclusion of enjoyment of your life.

So what is your vision for your life right now? You have only to pay attention to how you’re framing up your life and your personal value. Monitor your thoughts and listen to your self-talk both in your thoughts and your speech. Erase and replace anything standing in the way of the happy purposeful life you were created to have because you are inherently worthy of that life.

Make Your Mind work for You…Instead of Against You


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