Understand Your Mind…Understand Your Life

Presenters Books2ChangeYourLife, Adele Tartaglia, Regression Therapist, Self Empowerment Facilitator, Avatar Master
Date and Time March 8-9 2008 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Short Description We are the field within the Field and can deliberately create reality versus allowing it to manifest out of default settings. Aligning the subconscious and conscious minds makes the Law of Mind Action work for us instead of against us.
Full Description Knowing that the mind of man creates after itself in like kind does not presuppose that you know how to use this fact effectively for the enhancement of your life or the world at large.

My work picks up where Lipton’s and Sheldrake’s leaves off. It is our beliefs and programs that are sourcing the environment that is dictating our DNA patterns moment to moment, and we can change those programs to functional positive operating systems which will manifest a peaceful, loving, successful life. It is only by alignment that we can take control of and become intentional about our lives and attract what we want. Explaining how to align the dual mind of man is the determining factor in making the universal laws of causality operate in our favor. Accomplishment of this goal stops suffering, anger, self degradation, defense mechanisms, false identities, and lack of self actualization. We are not our past, we are not our programs, and we are not destined to repeat family patterns.

The mind of man is entrained and coherent.. as reality changes on a personal level, it changes on the mass conscious level.

Further educational objectives include learning to live consciously by examining the following unconscious areas: discreating the underlying issues of defense mechanisms, personal honesty, acceptance of responsibility, extricating the authentic self from false identities, self actualizing emotions and expectations, current life patterns stemming from past life residues, beliefs: the energy creating your life, and manifesting: the art of focusing attention on intention.

My own story about how I survived a decade of life threatening devastation until I learned the principles in my book helps the audience identify with the talk, holds their attention, and inspires them to stop surviving and start thriving. Ten years later people still come up to me and tell me the story changed their lives, realizing if I could do it so could they.

The following modalities will be included: lecture, Q &A, experiential exercises i.e: locating and deleting self sabotaging patterns and beliefs, forgiveness and releasement, clearing cellular memory, case studies, and participation.

Price Information $245/two day class. $122 one day attendance. IONS Members: $235/$112. Before January 24th $235/112 for non members.
IONS Member Discount Yes
Type of Event Workshop
Web Site http://www.tools2changeyourlife.com/;


Contact Name Adele Tartaglia
Contact Phone 480/706-8137
Contact Email tools2changeyou@qwest.net
Location Name IONS Retreat Center
Location Address 101 San Antonio Rd
Location City Petaluma
Notes Power Places Blurb for Bali Lecture with Neale Donald Walsch: Adele Tartaglia is a Bd Cert. Regression Therapist, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Ph.D. candidate, New Thought Minister, Author, Power Places Speaker and radio show host. Member of Assoc. Transpersonal Psychology, American Holistic Med. Assoc., IARRT, and ABHNLP.

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