Peace Through Love

Peaceful Reconciliations to Problem Solving

Peace is a choice…..the choice to live in peace, the choice to take responsibility for your actions and for your life…the choice to stop blaming others for your problems. 

Peace through love is a matter of choice. Choose to live with love in your heart for yourself and others and you will live a peaceful life.

Steps In Peaceful Problem Solving

1.  Identify the problem from all points of view recognizing everyone feels their opinion is valid and that the actual reality of the situation lies somewhere in the middle of each of your viewpoints. Keep appreciating each other as children of God doing the best they know how to do in the moment with the information and programming they have.

2.  Locate resources for help including a spiritual counselor who will be able to keep you centered in your Authentic Selves which share a divine essence of love which means understanding and appreciation flow naturally toward the other.

3.  Accept responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions and admit quickly when you realize you have made a mistake and apologize.

4.  Identify available choices and consider entering into the space of peaceful reconciliation where compassion and empathy take precedence over oppositional or competitive attitudes.
5.  Examine possible consequences of each solution from every aspect of the consequences including the effects on those around you.

6.  Choose the best possible solution to the problem which will always be the one that is for the highest and best of everyone concerned.

7.  Make a commitment to do better in the future, remember you are spiritually connected through your heart centers and the Creator.

8.  Act on the solution with consideration, tact, commitment, and diligence.

9.  Evaluate the action and its consequences and be willing to change the method or the direction if they appear to be conflict oriented.

10.  Celebrate the peaceful solution to the problem and bless one another for being willing to participate in the peaceful reconciliation process.

11.  Congratulate each other for a peaceful solution which leads to a new or deeper friendship.

Peace Through Love, 1991,  Adele Tartaglia





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