Setting Intentional Goals

 Creating Intentionally Aligned Resolutions for Instant Manifestation
from New Year’s Traditions 2 Change Your Life, ©  1999, Adele Tartaglia

By aligning our subconscious programs with our conscious mind goals in an intentional way, Instant Manifestation Is Possible.

Here are a few of the processes covered in this course. Each has a complete learning module to integrate into the process.  To obtain more information please email me at

In order for an intention or a goal to be aligned with your multi-leveled mind, it must be in agreement with the current content, i.e., in accord with already existing conscious and subliminal goals and programs. Conflicting or ambivalent goals can cancel other out with the strongest program taking precedent. Or at the least, the result will be random events leaving you with an out of control feeling versus intentionally creating the goals you want in your life and having them show up.

If your new goal is oppositional to your existing programs you have a choice to give up your goal, determine how to achieve the same reward with another behavior, or delete the pre-existing program which is blocking your achievement of the goal you are currently creating.

A)   Intentionally create a Goal you truly want to achieve or a Resolution you feel sincerely will benefit your life and/or the lives of others.

1)  Always create from your Authentic Self, the self before the programming, and your Higher Self, your divine essence love. [We will be learning protocols to return you to that Authentic Self.] Creating from this real self prevents the programs and conditioning in your mind to motivate you to create things that are not in alignment with who you are or what you want in life. Part of the reason so many people give up on their resolutions and goals is that they are trying to create new behaviors that they think are required by society or others or that spring from some encoding that is not even their own.  Remember by the age of seven our personal codes are formatted without questioning their validity for us or our life aspirations.
From the space of the Authentic Self that knows itself, and the Higher Loving Self of love, it is normal and natural to express your beneficence by being of service as well as caring for self so you may realize your natural state of integrated wholeness. Your Resolutions may be of a universal nature or personal for your own self growth and development.

2)  Prepare yourself to create from your Authentic Self, the part of you that knows and knows it knows, by breathing into the silence of All That Is which you are constantly contributing to as a part of universal consciousness.
During the connection process of breathing into your real self, if you notice fear, sadness, hopelessness, or a defeatists attitude like “I’ll never be able to do this,” stop and feel into the feeling and then take at least three slow breathes from the stomach area with the mouth closed. This has the effect of flooding the left brain with oxygen and turning down its fear responses based on old conditioning and experiences. Once the mind is calmed down, you can return to the present moment business of deliberately creating your new goal which will deliver your new life. It’s like bypassing anxiety and being left with the excitement of anticipating a new adventure.

B)  Write the first thing that comes to mind. This will give you a truer indication of what you really desire to create in your life. 

Excerpted  from the Laws of Instant Manifestation class:

1) Focus all your attention on the intention contained in each Goal as you write it by thinking only about the meaning this new behavior or thought form will have across the broad scope of your life.
2) Now begin to feel your conviction to manifest this intention. Think of your Goal as though it were already accomplished. Feel its effect on your body mind soul.
3) Create your Resolution in the Field of All Possibilities being specific about what it is you want to happen.
4) Now detach from the outcome and the means to the outcome. Trust the universe and stay convicted, open and receptive to opportunities. The Course In Miracles teaches us to write down our Goals and then release them creating a vacuum to be filled by their creation and thus preventing our own attachment to them from blocking attainment.
5) Delete anything unlike this Goal including beliefs, patterns, programs or behaviors that may sabotage your efforts. Blocking beliefs and patterns are usually the opposite or exclusionary of what you are trying to create.  Using the Deletion/Creation Protocols not only removes the limiting elements but creates the   polar opposite reality.

Example: “I commit to spending more time with my family,” versus the blocking belief, “I’m busy every minute, I just don’t have time.”  Delete the limiting lack of time belief. Remember whatever you believe takes place automatically in your life. When you change a belief, your life changes without any further effort on your part.

C)    Write it down on this worksheet. Writing is a key part to manifesting your Goals as it affirms your determination in your own mind as your hand follows the direction of that intention.
D)   Sharing your Goals for the year solidifies them in the field [into concrete reality] and elicits the support of others whose attention on and intention for your Goals will add creating energy to them.  We do this exercise as a family and then share it as part of our New Year’s celebration.

E)   Keep all this year’s commitments and Resolutions in one place so you can review them before sleep or during prayer and meditation time. Crossing them off as you accomplish them gives you an immediate sense of pride and satisfaction that will spur you on to work on the remaining Resolutions.

F)   Under each goal, list three steps you will take to attain each of these Goals or Resolutions from the simplest to the most complicated, each being dependent on the prior step.

1) Commit to make these steps an active part of your life by thinking of them as you do activities throughout the day and checking to see if what you are doing is in alignment with your Resolution.
2) Check to see if your actions are moving your closer to your Goal, further away from it, or are completely unrelated to it?

G)   Take the steps to implement your Goal or Resolution.

1)  Make a commitment to use only Conscious Languaging and positive self talk that is in alignment with your intentional Goal or Resolution.
2) Make a commitment to think only thoughts that are in alignment with your goal.
3)  Carry them on cards in your purse or briefcase to review during the day or post them on a vision board.
4)   Set a deadline for accomplishment of the resolution otherwise you could be working on it for the rest of your life.
5)   State you goal in the present tense, “I have a new car,” not in the future, “I will get a new car,” you could be waiting to get it for an indeterminate time. You want it now. State it as a fact.
6)  Using as many senses as you can, visualize the Goal as already done every night just before sleep and before you get out of bed in the morning.
7)  Or use Instant Manifestation tools to create it.
8)  Remember to thank the Creator in advance knowing it has already been done in consciousness the minute you set your intention in the Field of Intentionality.
Life Is What You Make It, 1998, Adele Tartaglia
Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You, 2005, Adele Tartaglia



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