Life Management Mini Courses

                                                                 Life Management Mini Courses
Attention Management Course:
“Do you find yourself obsessing about a problem, unable to control the mind chatter, or stop worrying?”
The Attention Management Course will teach you how to recapture your attention so you can deliberately put it on what you want to create and off what you do not want to create, stop worrying, and stop the mind chatter. Keeping your attention off what you don’t want allows it to lessen and disappear instead of consuming your life.
Right Use Of Will Course:
“Do you make deliberate choices about how you want your life, your thoughts, your responses to go, or do you live from instinct and let life happen to you randomly? Free Will is our most valuable asset. The right use of will can provide us with everything we want in life. Happiness, peace, and success are choices. Deliberately choosing our responses is living above the level of instinct on a higher plane of existence.
 Forgiveness And Releasement Course:
“Are you harboring ill will or hatred toward someone you refuse to forgive? Who is suffering the results of your anger, you or them?
Forgiveness and Releasement frees you to move forward with your life restoring peace to you mind and happiness to your heart. Releasing emotions that don’t serve you and yesterday’s events stops you from living in the past so you can live in the present.
Belief Management/Life Management Course:
“Do you believe that life is hard? Is your life a struggle?”
Our beliefs frame up the way we experience life because they are the energy creating our life. A change in the way we think about life from hard to easy changes the quality of our experiences.
 Life Alignment And Goal Setting Course:

“Do you find yourself working all the time but never making any headway in accomplishing your goals?
We all keep busy but is it intentional work we keep at that contributes to our goals
or do we stay active without making time to work on our real ambitions? Assessing how we spend our time is a wake up call for most of us.

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