Spirit Writing Class

Why Are You Here

The process is simple and requires only an open and receptive mind, trust in divine outcomes and clearing the conscious mind by entering into the aware awake self that is at once all knowing and all remembering.

Using deep breathing exercises by breathing with the mouth closed from the abdomen, focused on your breathing as you flood the left brain with oxygen and its cognitive analytical faculties abate leaving you to float out of the body mind system into the higher self that designed the original blueprint for this lifetime. Your mind must be free of thoughts and feelings.

This is the divinely guided process of remembering who you are and why you are here, and what you have created for yourself with your Natal Chart, psychological strengths and weaknesses, challenges to overcome, mental attributes, physical health or disease, emotional intelligence or unconsciousness,  spiritual alignment with the divine laws of the universe or lack of spirituality, and memories from other alter egos to move you toward the fulfillment of your mission to evolve the soul in its progress toward the life of grace, harmony and service.

Sometimes writing with the non dominant hand changes the hemisphere sourcing the ideas and insights and can be very interesting. If you can’t write with the other hand, try it and then switch the pen to the dominant hand and make a note of what the non dominant hand revealed to you. Continue in this fashion.

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