Event Processing Worksheet

Experience/Event Processing Worksheet
Determining the Underlying Beliefs That Caused
The Event, Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors

Based on the Experience or Event, list the underlying belief, what it made you think, what those thought made you feel, and what that feeling made you do.

You may use one word answers. List as many thoughts and feelings as you like. If you have to work backward from the thoughts, feelings, and actions to the belief that is ok.

Here are two typical responses.  Neither is healthy but they serve to point out how our own labels induce complementary reactions to any situation.

Example One:  Accepting Responsibility

Experience:  Car accident

Belief:   driving is dangerous

Thought:  I can’t believe I’m in another accident

Feeling:   Stupid.

Behavior/Action:  Beat myself up…again
Example Two:   Projecting Blame

[Notice the difference in reactions across the board during cognitive processing.]

Experience:  Car Accident

Belief:  People don’t pay attention driving.

Thought:  What’s the matter with them?

Feeling:  Anger

Behavior/Action:  Screamed at other driver.

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