Regression Therapy Scripts

Past Life Regression Scripts for Relationships

Here are standard questions of importance, particularly in reference to the personal relation-ship that is the most challenging to you now.

When you were planning this current lifetime in-between lives, by yourself or with your guides who may have helped you make choices, did you decide if you were eager to come into this lifetime or were they urging you to incarnate again when you were not sure you wanted to?

What was the discussion, what did you say to each other as you decided about the upcoming lifetime?

It is at this time that you decided on the lessons you wished to learn in this lifetime to help you along your soul’s journey. Did you decide on these lessons or did your guides have some suggestions? 

Are you paying a karmic debt for ill chosen behavior from previous lives? And if so, was any of it directed toward either of your parents or a sibling in this life?

Are you working off previous parent tapes and programming from other lives or are you working on your own in between lives psychological and spiritual explorations and revelations?

When you choose parents to help you learn your lessons, they may not necessarily be the ones who will make you feel the most comfortable or make your childhood the happiest. But you will choose them because they are good teachers for you even though you may complain about them later when you have forgotten you chose them. 

Why did you choose your mother… did you know her in other lifetimes and have unfinished business?

Why did you choose your father…. did you know him in other lifetimes and have unresolved issues?

And what about your siblings….who were you to each other in other lifetimes?

Are you going to be a boy or a girl and why…. did you come in filled with negative beliefs and pre-dispositions about the opposite sex you are trying to get clear about?

What is your vision quest in the upcoming life, to serve mankind, invent a cure for disease or solve the planet’s problems?  Or you come back to be an average person doing an everyday job so necessary to keep things running smoothly?

In the alternative, are you coming back filled with anger with thoughts of revenge for some horrendous treatment in a past life?  Case histories verify that perfect as the soul is in the beginning, lifetimes of abuse and victimhood confuse the soul and build up residues of hostility, disenchantment and thoughts of retribution.

You also had something to say about your physical body’s health, though some therapists believe you may be limited by how you treated your body in earlier lifetimes. It has been my experience that making a choice to suffer with chronic pain or constant illness is more a decision made in a less than lucid state of mind, to use your incoming body to karmically pay back for some perceived misuse of it or other’s bodies in past lives. This is an unfortunate set of assumptions made by the soul but the underlying false premises can be dislodged with the deletion protocols. Subsequent to the necessary self forgiveness and release, a new karmic script can be chosen and written for the balance of your life that includes health without pain.

What are your physical strengths and vulnerabilities going to be?  How will they help you in your soul’s journey?  The choice of your body is important because your body is going to be your laboratory in which you learn to handle the energies of life. Nothing can take the place of this form of learning so observe carefully what you chose for your body and why. 

Prior to the actual prenatal experience you have made choices and arrangements to leave the light. For some souls it is harder than for others after garnering wisdom in other lifetimes to have to be limited again by the body and mind of a newborn. Not all souls feel this way. Are you reluctant to do this or do you look forward to the change to grow further? Is this a great adventure for you or the continuation of suffering? Where are you while this new sheath for your soul is forming? Are you inside it aware of each cell as it presses forward to the completion of the human form? Or do you hover outside, waiting until the last minute to take possession, perhaps joining your body only in the moment of birth?

What does your mother feel when she knows she is pregnant? Is she happy about you or is she frightened? Does she feel overwhelmed with all that is involved in having a child? Did she know the moment she conceived you?  Does she feel she will be in great danger or trouble because she conceived you?  Is she less than pleased to be pregnant harboring a desire to leave your father and finally feeling trapped by the child growing inside her?  These are very important issues as they will predispose your own attitudes and beliefs about your self, about your mother and hence all other woman in your life, and about your life’s purpose, particularly if you are a girl.

How does you father react when he learns your mother is pregnant? Is he happy or dismayed, or perhaps overwhelmed with the thought of so much responsibility?  Will he stay with your mother or leave her now that you are coming? Is his love for mother genuine or is he too un-evolved to be able to dedicate himself to true love and commitment to you and your mother? Is he pressuring mother to get rid of you or is he delighted with anticipation of your birth?  If you are a boy, you may either model his attitudes or reject them and excel in the opposite behavior pattern if they are negative and irresponsible or anti-life ones.  Remember that the choice is yours and is one of soul quality and evolvement as are all choices of the human mind.

As you go through the stages of your growth in the uterus do you feel bonded with your mother?  Are your parents happy together or do they argue or feel trapped by the marriage?  What is the emotional climate in which you begin this sojourn? Remember that you have chosen this way in order to learn as much as possible.

When the new body is complete, if you have not entered it before, or if you have only flitted in and out trying to realize what to do next, now you must embrace it and choose whether to go through the experience of forgetting all your lifetimes which have been strung like pearls on your soul’s necklace of experiences. Or you may choose to remember those other alter ego adventures as do children in cultures that accept reincarnation as normal and expected. If you have decided to serve in the highest capacity the soul knows, you may decide to remember your oneness with all that is while forgetting the incidentals of past life events.

Finally you are going to have only the here and now of your baby self unless you choose to retain wisdom in order to better serve others. You may have to win back all that you have previously experienced and learned but have forgotten, slowly thinning out the fog of your forgetting. This is the process of remembering we all go through on our journey toward enlightenment. An awakening again to who you were, what you are now, and all you knew and understood can a joyful adventure. This journey is about becoming aware of your authentic self, the God self that you have forgotten is your divine essence.

You may have decided to make your birth an easy one or a difficult one, a long process or a short one for you and your mother. It can be very useful to uncover specific traumas in the stages of the birth process itself. These differ, as does everything else from individual to individual. Breathing through this process assists in recovering the memories and experiences of the birth itself. Finally you are born. What does mother say? How does she respond to you? Do you feel wanted and cherished? And if your father is there, how does he feel about you?  Is it safe world?  Do mother and father feel it is a safe world?  How do the grandparents feel? These familial attitudes have already passed into your own DNA as intergenerational patterns and will stay with you until you remove them.

What patterns have you brought with you from your experiences in the uterus and from the birth process that both reflect the nature of your previous soul path in other lifetimes, and set the pattern of what you will experience in this one? 

Soul Talk: Rescripting Karmic Contracts, 2005,  Adele Tartaglia



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