Daily Marriage Commitment


I promise to remember that
Our commitment is forever…and as such,
Should be our greatest source of comfort and joy.

I promise to accept you just the way you are,
And make a home in my heart for you.

I promise to trust you enough to tell you the truth,
And to treat you lovingly, gently, and with respect,
Whether in your presence or not.

I promise to be here to support you,
As you change and develop into all that you can be.

I promise to appreciate you and your issues,
And to realize…that just like me,
You are seeking happiness in your life
The best way you know how.

I promise to remember
That when I feel separate and alone,
I have failed to forgive.

I promise to remember that when the same
Issue keeps coming up for us…it means
We have not learned its lesson yet,
Not that we do not love each other.

I promise to remember that you are here
To show me the secrets of my heart,
Because sometimes, your heart
Speaks more honestly to me than mine does.

I promise to consider my relationship with you
More important
Than anything else which may arise.

I promise that if anything unlike love comes up,
I will hold “us” in my heart,
Until we both understand our own feelings
And can deal with them.

I promise to be here…for…and with you,
Keeping love present and active,
Until we set aside our differences,
Express the admiration and affection
We have for each other,
And restore sanity to our relationship.

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