“Transform Your Life Instantly’ Radio Show

 ‘Transform Your Life Instantly’ Radio Show


Be the Person You Want to Be….Have the Life You Want to Have!

• Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You!
• Mental & Emotional Erasers Reformat Your Subconscious Instantly!
• Erase & Replace Beliefs, Behaviors, Traits, Memories, Traumas,
   Fears and Identities that Are Sabotaging Your Life!


This show is based on my therapy practice and my book…Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental & Emotional Erasers Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005.  

The content rich shows revolve around a new therapeutic modality I developed called Restructuring Therapy. Cognitive, Emotional, Physical and Behavioral Protocols facilitate the changes in your life  you are seeking.

This is an interactive show. Send me your questions about why your life is turning out like it is to easytherapy@cox.net. The last few minutes of the show is Q & A time. 

On my Show Page there is an audio list of my radio shows with a synopsis of each show. You can also listen to the shows on itunes.

Transform your life is about Empowering You.  Aligning your subconscious mind with your conscious mind intentions gives you the life of your dreams.

Life Is a Reflection of Your Beliefs.
Change Your Beliefs….Change Your Life! 
Belief Management is Life Management. 

Gain Control of Your Life by Gaining Control of Your Mind. Instant Relief from life long problems will look more and more possible for you as you listen to the shows!

One of the abiding purposes of the show is to remind you that no matter what you are going through in this moment, you will come through it….infinitely more balanced, happy, and self confident than ever before…by learning how your own mind works.

You Are The Only One Creating Your Life…..And You Can Stop Creating Any Event You Want To whenever you want to. You just have to learn how to do it.

You are not genetically pre-determined to repeat your parent’s lives and attitudes.

Your life is the outpicturing of the content of your unconscious mind. When you alter your programming, you alter your life.

Not choosing to do your personal work and synchronize your dual mind is a choice to be the same person as you are now… ten years from now.

My specialty is “tweaking” the Mind so it empowers you instead of disempowers you.

Be the Person You Want to Be…..Have the Life You Want to Have!

It is my pleasure to share easy transformational techniques to Transform Your Life.  You can create any outcome you want by returning to, and living from, your Authentic Self, the self before the programming that knows it is an unlimited creator whose divine essence is love.

We are the change we want to see by demonstrating our willingness to change in the very ways we want the world to change. Willingness is the cosmic grace that smoothes the way to a new reality for all of creation.

I am with you on your journey of creating a peaceful joyous life. Until then, create only good things for yourself and the planet.  Adele Ann

Why Is This Show Important?

The Law of Attraction works against most people because unconscious negative programs are the major attracting factor of life events. It is the subconscious not the consious mind that is interfacing with LOA. By changing these programs into positive life supporting ones, your life changes without any effort on your part. 

You begin to live an intentional life of purpose.

What Is The Take-Away?

Transforming your life is as simple as transforming your multi-leveled consciousness by removing triggered automatic responses to stimuli that keep you living in the past and reacting to life instead of responding to it in the moment with deliberate choices you make.

In today’s era of advanced technology, profoundly simple tools are available to keep you present in the moment, focused and deliberate.

Look for the 2nd edition Ebook of the Transform Your Life Instantly book, Transform Your Life Workbook, and  TYL Workshops coming soon.





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