Diet for Overweight Children

Diet Suggestions for Overweight Children

Top 10 Foods to Eliminate

Overweight children with self-esteem issues often “sabotage” themselves with food. Removing these foods from your house can remove your child’s temptation to binge on “unhealthy food” and make the whole family healthier.

1. Candy
2. Chips
3. Ice Cream
4. Frosted Snack Cakes
5. Fruit “Flavored” Drinks
6. Pizza Snacks
7. Toaster Pastries
8. Nachos
9. Soda Pop
10. Cookies

When replacing these foods, be careful to keep the alternative choices healthy, no artificial sweeteners, no processed foods particularly meats and cheeses that are full of nitrates and other carcinogens. ATartaglia

Ways to Promote Healthy Eating
If you buy food in bulk, break it down into serving portions and store portions in small plastic bags. This way, everyone can see how much food is being eaten at a sitting. Never let you child eat out of a bag or box. Put a reasonable amount on a plate and do not allow seconds.
Encourage your child to eat at a table. Don’t let children take food and sit in front of a television or computer which leads to unconscious eating, i.e. not realizing how much they have eaten. If they sit at a table they will eat less and be more conscious of how much they are eating.
Before a meal or snack, have your child drink a glass of water. After a day at school, they are probably dehydrated and feeling weak; a can of soda will not quench their thirst and will cause a mental drop in energy and mood within an hour. In addition soda robs the bones of minerals, is full of carbonation, salt, sugar, and in some cases caffeine, all of which can be habit forming. Research shows soda drinkers are stimulated to go for another soda not water.   


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