Find Your Purpose Psycho-Astrology Reports

Finding Your Purpose & Actualizing Your Potential

Make the Best of your Native Abilities, Delete Negative Proclivities, and Discover Your Purpose In Life!  480/220-2089

Analysis of personality structure, parental influences, health and diet, temperament, interests, talents, attitudes, vocational success, karmic resonances, and intellectual capacity.

When you read your Psycho-Astrology Report for the first time you stop blaming yourself for traits and proclivities and see yourself with understanding and compassion. 

Astrology is the oldest mathematically based science known to man. Hippocrates would not license physicians until they could cast their patient’s charts. Every ancient culture based their civilization on the alignment and movement of the stars.

Psycho-astrology explains and predicts the psychological pre-dispositions a person is born with according to the aspects indicated in their natal chart.

The Psycho-Astrology Report guides the individual in appropriate ways to assist their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth to strengthen their assets and reduce the possibly of problems to produce positive outcomes.

The Child Report is an excellent road map for parents to help their child actualize their potential. Every soul being different, it is critical to know who your child is, what their needs are, and how best to parent them.

Psycho-Astrology Report: Visa & MasterCard   $59.95       Therapeutic Interpretation:  $49.95 

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