Body Mind Meditation

Body Mind Releasement
Releasing Meditation Scripts

Start breathing deeply and slowly from the diaphragm with your mouth closed.

Breathe out stress, breathe in calmness.
Within each of us there is a special place where we are connected with All That Is, universal consciousness. Breathe your awareness into that place where we are conscious of the connection of body, mind, and spirit with every other soul that lives in the universe with us.

Honor yourself, your thoughts, and your body, as gently as you would handle your inner child. 

Our bodies manifest the thoughts we think and our mental attitudes. They
are in reality the outpicturing of our beliefs and thoughts, particularly beliefs about our bodies.

Sending love to our bodies now, we can use our breath to allow our resistance, resentments, judgments, and guilt to slip away as we achieve balance and harmony with our body mind system.

Breathe in calmness, breathe out resistance.
Breathe in serenity, breathe out judgment.
Breathe in peace, breathe out resentment.
Breathe in forgiveness, breathe out guilt.
And again….

Let the breath do the work… release any negative thoughts or beliefs
we hold as we consciously align ourselves to our body’s nuances.  We commit now to listen to our bodies and honoring their messages.

As we breathe deeply, calmness comes over us and we become aware of how our body feels. As we exhale, we release aches, pains, and discomfort.   

Inhaling we allow the life force to flow in and through our bodies.
As we release our breath, we clear our minds, hearts, and bodies.

If any resistance arises, we recognize it is a blocking reaction based in fear. Relaxing into faith, our breathe moves us out of resistance and into trust. 

Another breathe releases any upset, anger or resentment. Now breathe in love and happiness.  

Let the breath do the work. Continue breathing in and out deeply from the abdomen and let the mind go blank.

We relax into the calmness of the moment….giving love to ourselves, to others, and to life. And again.

We release disease from the body mind system with every exhalation.  Breathe out illness. Breathe in wellness.

Knowing that every thought we think creates our future, we release all false ideas with every exhalation. 

We release poverty from the mind body system with every exhalation.
Breathe out poverty.  Breathe in prosperity.

We release lack of self worth from the mind body system with every exhalation.  Breathe out unworthiness. Breathe in self esteem.

We remind ourselves that we are not our beliefs,
We create our beliefs, and we now delete any beliefs that do not serve us …..breathing into the deletion.

Breathe in….I control my beliefs. Breathe out a negative belief.
Now do this again with another negative belief. And again.

We are not our thoughts, we create our thoughts, and we now delete any thoughts that do not serve us….breathing into the deletion.

Breathe in …I control my thoughts. Breathe out a negative thought.
Now do this again with another negative thought. And again.

Be in the moment….bring full awareness to the present moment affirming
this is my place of empowerment. Breathe into this knowledge. I am
empowered in the moment.

Every breathe I take flows divine energy into my mind body spirit.
Every breathe I take flows unconditional love through my mind body spirit.
As I breathe deeply, I feel completely alive.
As I breathe deeply, I experience unity with all of creation.
As I breathe deeply, I become aware, awake, and alert.
When it is entirely appropriate for you, begin coming back into the room and back into the body.

Take a few deep breaths with the mouth open.
Begin to feel the hands and feet and move them about. 
Open the eyes.

Relax into the peaceful place you find yourself in.

When you are ready, come completely back into your body and into the room.

 Adele Tartaglia, Cognitive Deletion Protocols, from Yes You Can Transform Your Life Instantly, 2006 ©,
Minute Meditations, 2000©

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