Regression In Couples Counseling


After the Regression Session and debriefs from each person, below are some confirmations  and validations that may be used.  This may only be necessary if Deletion Protocols, Releasement and Forgiveness, and Rescripts have not been used.

There is no doubt that you’ve hurt each other in the past and that you’ve both hurt each other in this life. The idea of therapy is to learn why, correct the underlying anger, and change those behavior patterns. Once a couple experiences past lives together, their problems in this life seem to fall away because suddenly they are put in the framework of a long history between them. Their whole relationship makes sense.

It is obvious from the degree that you can push each other’s buttons, that both of you have been influenced very strongly by something that happened in a prior lifetime and there is absolutely no need to carry these effects forward.

You can make a major break through in understanding why you do not trust each other and why the actions of your mate irritate you so much.

If you both sincerely, consciously, desire to rise above the problems you are having and the problems from past lives you can easily do so. You can begin to share a beautiful relationship. Begin to live in the now and not waste any more precious time together.

By understanding the past you can let go of the past. You can go on with the self punishment game if you want to but I think you both know better than that now.

You are both carrying negativity related to the past. You’ve come back together once again in an attempt to rise above the left over residues of past life hurts and betrayals. You are here to learn to perfect your love and through wisdom, to erase your karma. I believe you can gain some wisdom by learning what your histories together were and what offences have occurred. By learning the cause of this life’s resentments and grievances, you should be able to use that insight to release these angers and resentments. There will no longer be any need to continue to express left over resentments. We will walk through the Releasement and Forgiveness Protocols each taking a turn.

Through the use of hypnosis and regressions you can learn about these past lives so you can progress together in this life to move up to level of communicating that nothing can touch.

Once you both face any old trust issues manifesting as current problems and look at them as events in the past, you are more willing to let them go because you see your part in the problem.

I want you both to understand that there is no guilt on one side more than on the other. There is no guilt at all. There is no blame. You probably have had lifetime after lifetime in which the balance between you would swing back and forth. One life one did to the other and the next life, vice versa. What done is done.

An important thing to remember is that at the time the incident occurred, the perpetrator believed they were either justified in their behavior or right. If they knew better, they would have done better. If you can promise each other to not repeat your actions, you have a chance to fix your marriage. The magic key to being able to keep your commitments to change, is seeing what happened between you in the past and realizing it all balances out.

If you can respect as well as love one another and remain friends as well as lovers, you may be able to support each other through these powerful realizations without recriminations.

Here are some important recognitions a couple can get from regression sessions, recognitions that bring understanding and reconciliations. These are direct quotes.

“He used to beat me up and say he loved me.  He tells me he loves me but I can’t trust him. I’m getting revenge on him for beating me up and throwing me out and not listening to me and not hearing me. I don’t want to do that, that’s not like me.”

“I beat her because I hated myself because I threw her out and she never game back.”

“I cannot give myself to a man who might hurt me. He’s hurt me in this life.”

“The regression did some releasing and permission giving and we both needed that very much; however we know that we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

At which point the clients willingness to proceed is greatly enhanced and if they have not been under too long and are not too emotionally drained, you may proceed to delete their pain and resentment if they desire to move to this step in this same session. 

This will give you an idea of how regression therapy works in couple’s therapy. Case histories evidence that it is one of the most powerful and healing modalities available in restoring viability to a relationship.

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