How Healing In Consciousness Works


I believe the healing process begins when people come to believe that God wants His children to be well, happy, and fulfilled, which gives them permission to let transformation to take place. The reframe of Old Testament beliefs about an angry punishing God opens the door to allow the release of dis-ease and dis-harmony to take place.

Love is the highest vibratory rate on the planet and perfectly aligned to Love Itself. It is the answer to every question and every challenge. Being in the energy of unconditional love heals all of us on multiple levels. There are none who do not need more love.

My work is open-ended and expanding exponentially as human consciousness evolves during this transitional time. There is no therapeutic modality or spiritual practice I have studied and am studying, that has not gone into the formulation of the various practices I use.

Those practices differ for each client dependent on what resonates with them and will work with them most effectively. And that is always their choice coming from their own intuition in the moment. I encourage feedback as we work so I can further custom tailor the protocols to better suit their psyche as we go along.

I am just reminding you of who you are and your ability to plug into the vast reservoir of your own consciousness that has all the answers. I use these as post trance suggestions and mantras so you can fully realize and integrate these concepts.

As common as these beliefs are today, mass conscious programming is instilled is us all, so it is good to remember… we are source energy creating it all, that it is easy to wake up and return to our authentic selves, and that we already know the answers, particularly what is our own best healing modality. Everyone’s subconscious contains all of collective consciousness on every level.

Change is an inside job, you have to heal yourself by changing your beliefs and programs; no one can do it for you. I’m walking you through procedures that allow the deletion of old paradigms that we know don’t serve mankind, and installing ones that do.

As we do the work together, I hold a compassionate space for you to love yourself into wellness once you realize God wants this for you, and will provide it for you, if you can allow and accept His gift.

Only He knows how healing in consciousness really happens because He created it to be self healing.

Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly(c) 2005.

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