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Avatar Self Empowerment Course Worldwide 
Avatar on the Lake …Tools 2 Change Your Life

 Adele Tartaglia, Bd. Cert. Regression Therapist, Avatar Master-Wizard

Life Is A Reflection of Your Beliefs…..Change Your Beliefs….Change Your Life
Learn Belief Management Tools And Learn How to Manage Your Life.

The Most Effective Self-empowerment Course Available Today.
Take a week to change your life.
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from the Avatar materials….

May you give yourself permission to experience and express everything you feel as a person, without taking anything personally. You are much deeper, much  brighter, much broader, than any idea you could have of yourself.

Love is an expression of the willingness to create space in which something is allowed to change.

As Avatars we remember who we are and who we are not. We remember we are not any of the ideas of nationalism or race that humans fight over. We are neither expressions nor identities. We are the source of these things and we can create better. 

The hope of future generations is the chance we have to awaken in ourselves a consciousness that is increasingly immune to irrationality and that values wisdom. 

When we perceive that the only difference between any of us is our beliefs, and that beliefs can be created and discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, and world peace will ensue.


“Avatar is the most efficacious technology for personal transformation I’ve seen.  It’s on the cutting edge of personal development.”
Graham Institute

“Before I did Avatar I supposed it was powerful. Now the reality goes beyond what I imagined! It’s fantastic.”  France

“Avatar was the course that gave me my life back.”  Paris

“Avatar is wonderful, marvelous — I haven’t got enough strong words to express my joy, happiness, gratitude to this course. My troubles have
vanished as if by magic!”  France

“I feel a peace that I have never felt before (I am 65 years old).  I feel able to achieve any goal and to face any challenge.”  Israel







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