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Mission Statement:

Therapists for Veterans: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder relief for Veterans Worldwide using Restructuring Therapy. Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Protocols provide non-imprinting, non-traumatic recovery without re-living the war experience, undergoing traumatic desensitization, or using prolonged exposure therapy.
Based on Restructuring Therapy, psycho-therapeutic protocols in Transform Your Life Instantly: Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005, Adele Tartaglia.

Implementing the Mission:

With the belief that if we can get our own program facilitated here in our country, we can use it as a model in other countries, I would like to put into practice the institution of Therapy for Veterans in America first.

In this way we can come from some understanding of our cultural prerogatives and methods of operation. We are at least somewhat familiar, and will become thoroughly familiar later, with the military training of our armed services personnel, the United States’ attitude toward war, the execution of the act of war, the military hierarchy, and our patterns of war.

We have no current knowledge of these elements in other societies and therefore we are without understanding of the implications of these elements that affect veterans in other countries.

This in no way precludes us studying and learning from similar programs already in place throughout the world and integrating their procedures where we deem it appropriate.

This is an appeal to therapists to join me in giving some relief to our youth who have valiantly served our country and now need recovery from the trauma they incurred.

If therapists throughout the country would be willing to dedicate some time in their area to the Therapists for Veterans Foundation, the rehabilitation would take place collectively on an exponential level nationwide. Together we can expedite the process of healing without putting undue strain on anyone’s time and resources.

The idea is to contribute your services weekly or monthly to be available to our distressed young people so they can get back to a calm and deliberate life and stop the repetitive reliving of their war experiences. As during all war torn years, there are way too many of our soldiers mentally and emotionally damaged from the horrors they were subjected to and part of, for us to ignore this problem.

In addition to applying for grants, I am contacting Michelle Obama to see if we can start a coalition across the country to offer our services as a small repayment for those who offered us the assurance of safety in the most frightening time in our country’s history. With the First Lady working with us, we cannot fail.

With the necessary assistance for trainings and building clinics across the nation, our expertise will have an effective channel. We must design and construct new facilities or refurbish existing ones around whole person positive psychology therapeutic viewpoints.

This work cannot be done in Veterans Hospitals where every sense will be triggered and dysphoric hyperarousal, will be impossible to control.

We may be working out of available buildings until the clinics are erected, which is doable as long as we establish the proper environment for recovery and restoration for the veterans and clean surroundings for them to walk into devoid of all psychic resonance.

I will be training and licensing therapists in Restructuring Therapy via webinars and workshops prior to the public service announcement and press releases. For those who have requested my training manual, it will be available at the trainings.

The work is its own reward but I thank everyone in advance and send blessings to all who are moved to respond during this time of need; therapists, support staff, accountants, business plan experts, grant writers, marketing managers, social media agents, workshop facilitators, trainers, etc.

The Situation:

The statistics for PTSD, depression, suicide attempts, and anxiety from the wars in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan are higher than in previous engagements. This may be attributed partially to the drug programs being administered which have become standard procedure.

There is evidence since World War II, that hypnotherapy works better than putting veterans on a drug protocol. Using a trance state was more effective to lessen PTSD occurrence than when psychogenics were given after later wars. The use of drugs just further suppresses the reactions and symptoms so nothing ever gets dealt with on the unconscious level and resolved.

The mind, and with it the body, since they are one organism with an endless feedback system, have been so violently assaulted that confusion becomes an established subconscious pattern of response to stimuli. The addition of drugs increases the lack of mental clarity which might otherwise latch onto abnormal reactions and pursue medical assistance.

Rather than drug protocol which has exacerbated the problem, Restructuring Therapy involves what I have termed, “Healing in Conscious,” since the process is performed in the theta state where access to the subconscious mind is readily available for reformatting purposes.

We will discuss in depth later using Restructuring deletions of the traumatic events supplemented with cognitive and emotional reframes, so that a corrective emotional experience can be achieved. The opportunity for appropriate emotional responses is re-established versus the engulfed state that the soldier is inundated with rendering them unable to function.

The Battlemind training discussed below attempts to install a program for mental astuteness and follow through even during the fear stimulus, but has not been successful. To try and convince the human mind that something horrifying did not happen or will have no effect on the person, just further throws the mind into perplexity and self doubt. When we stop trusting our own eyes and our own assessments of reality, we stop taking the risk of moving forward in life.

In post war conditions, the fear remains in the body mind system as enhanced sensory sensitivity exceeding regular hypervigilance. This heightened state of awareness, excessive response to stimuli and hyperarousal cause threat detection behaviors to consume the life of the victim. This constant anxiety causes exhaustion and obsession with safety to the exclusion of other areas of life.

With post traumatic stress disorder’s dysphoric hyperarousal, the re-experiencing of the traumatic events can cause them to lose contact with reality as consciousness is triggered back into the event. In the case of war’s exposure to multiple traumas with overlapping consequences, the severity of the anxiety attacks can bring on a delusional state. Mind altering drugs used as a remedy may further contribute to the dissociative state they are already in.

The removal of the fear sequence and restructuring can reduce the triggering effect and the consequent overwhelm they experience while integrating back into civilian life where the sights and sounds set them off. Timing synchronized with their release from the armed services is crucial to effectiveness. The longer they try to adjust to normal life while still in their traumatized state, the more beneficial dissociation appears to their minds and their emotional systems.

Existing Solutions

The extreme complexity of establishing and maintaining peace on the planet is not the subject of this foundation. Therapists for Veterans is interested in restoring sanity and functionality to those who have been, and are being, used to attain this goal.

Notwithstanding that the current solutions, including drug therapy, are what has been available and the work is desperately needed, the desensitization methods being used today are severe, traumatic, systemically shocking, and almost worst than the original insult to the senses because they have to be re-played and re-experienced in the mind many times before relief is accomplished. So the symptomlogy treatment is sought to redress, is being used to effect change in PTSD sufferers.
The current use of Cognitive Behavior’s repetitive re-living of the event to desensitize the victim, and prolonged-exposure therapy are traumatizing and painful therapies that first strengthen the program in the subconscious mind, making it the first place the mind goes to deal with triggered reactions, before hoping to diffuse the emotional response to the real time events experienced. Thus the actual triggered responses are re-imprinted over and over outside the actual event. The veteran must go through the mind numbing situations many times instead of the number of actual events sustained on the field of war. I’m suggesting alternative healing modalities.

The Government’s Approach

Today armed forces are instituting mental health programs using positive psychology to prepare soldiers to handle extreme mental and emotional stress. Battlemind Training to build resiliency is defined as

Battlemind is a Soldier’s inner strength to face fear and adversity in combat in with courage. The predeployment Battlemind training program is designed to build Soldier resiliency by developing his/her self confidence and mental toughness.

Resilience in psychological terms is the capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity which allows their psyche to return to a previous state of normalcy. In combat training this expected response to high risk situations carries with it the component of continued competence no matter how shocking and stressful the situation, irregardless of duration.

Under duress to supply and maintain constant military preparedness and instant response, the government must state anticipated full recovery from the trauma experienced; and even future use of the severe anxiety imposed on the psyche as a tool for growth in handling upcoming challenges in order to do their duty in training the next generation.

The implications and ramifications of attempting to train human beings to withstand unimaginably horrific events in addition to brainwashing them into becoming “killing machines,” based on the premise that the enemy are not humans with families, but objects of war, used in the win-at-all-costs-strategy, is not based on sound psychological principles and operates entirely outside the realm of people’s inherent spirituality as one of God’s children being forced to kill brothers and sisters. The armed forces’ purposed expectations for success in these areas are unrealistic and perpetuate the devastating damage done to generations of young people.

Brainwashing, the epitome of manipulation and mental abuse, is an established viable tool for mental and behavior modification, though abhorrent on an ethical level.

Keeping the subject functioning as an automaton in a state of unconsciousness carries no guarantee that they will not wake up upon re-entry into civilian life, and psychologically implode as they realize the horror of their personal involvement in such an enterprise. For some veterans, this result is hard to avoid, regardless of the pre-programmed belief in the necessity and honor of serving the highest good for their countries. These goals just serve to amplify their psychological ambivalence.

A New Solution

As referenced above, there is a new non-traumatic, non-imprinting therapeutic modality called Restructuring Therapy which brings instant relief to PTSD regardless of the causality of the disorder. I have seen immediate relief take place in one session employing the Deletion/Restructuring protocols to reformat the subconscious mind.

These highly effective tools have been used successfully over many years to handle post traumatic stress disorder for war veterans, the psychically manipulated in mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, natural disaster survivors, life transitions, traumatic accidents, and other emotionally impactful life events.

Custom designed Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical protocols delete and restructure beliefs, behaviors, traits, fears, emotions, events, reactions, memories, traumas, guilt, coping mechanisms and identities that continue to sabotage the person’s life.

After a deletion protocol removing the negative emotional response to a mental construct or incident, a personalized restructured program is installed in the subconscious mind containing a new attitudinal viewpoint employing positive psychology with expectation of positive outcomes. By leaving the memory and awareness of the subliminal program in tack, but detaching the emotion from it, it serves to stultify and replace the accompanying depression, anxiety, fears, nightmares, addictions, guilt, self-abuse, pain, illness, insomnia, and repetitive life patterns so familiar to post traumatic stress disorder.

The blunted affect or lack of appropriate emotional reactivity can be reversed and normal responses, once perceived as safe, resumed.

Destructive automatic mental, physical and emotional behaviors stop activating. Disturbing images can be deleted giving tremendous relief and hope for recovery. Re-living the trauma during sleep is blocked teaching lucid dreaming including on the spot self therapy within the framework of the dream sequence.

Guilt is particularly prevalent and toxic in combat soldiers regardless of the psychological training and brainwashing of basic training. For the Christians, where guilt is a primary identity, it is magnified. For the psychologically abused, being shame-based is accepted as their normal reference point, including the self sabotage it breeds, but it serves as an extenuating cause of inability to accept their military actions once removed from the scenario and returned to regular life. The set up for self sabotage, self loathing, guilt, depression, hopelessness, and suicide is inherent to such individuals.

The toxic shock of war lies in the mind’s inability to grasp the total assault the senses are delivering to it. It continues to see, feel, hear, smell and taste the terrors of war. The barrage of unspeakable events are more than human consciousness can endure and maintain its sanity in the moment. The only choice is go unconscious reducing awareness, numb out and/or dissociate. But the overwhelming panorama before the solider has already been integrated on the deepest level due to the impact of the devastating emotions attached to the events. Trauma, confusion, betrayal, disillusionment, hypervigilance, and disgust for the race in totality, instantly implants new exaggerated programs for rage, hatred, revenge, and resentment in the mind.

All of these sub-personalities must be dealt with as identities the PTSD veteran must remove diametrically opposed aspects of from the dual mind before they can know peace again.

Restructuring rewires the neuro-nets and reconfigures the mind bringing the subconscious mind into alignment with conscious mind goals which are to heal and restore operating capacity, a balanced normal perspective, and satisfaction with life to the sufferer.

The ability to stay fully present in the moment and make intentional decisions about the appropriate course of action to take is restored.

Deliberate considered responses to stimuli become possible versus the automatic reactions triggered out of default subliminal programming which has been severely compromised.

Ideally, when the re-occurring agony ceases, the need to self medicate vacates and mental clarity and functionality is restored.

It becomes safe again for them to feel their feelings because those associated with, and wired to, the trauma of war have been erased and replaced with life supporting mental constructs accompanied by a positive emotional range in the upper level of consciousness.

The brain’s hardrive, the subconscious, has been deprogrammed and reprogrammed, to readapt to current life events by eliminating and replacing beliefs, attitudes, triggers, programs, and behaviors that being unsuitable reactions, do not serve the person nor the world around them.

Closing Comments

We can rise out of the chaos, fear, greed, hostility and prejudice that creates the mentality of war by showing our deep appreciation and love for each other by giving back at every opportunity. And this is such a big opportunity with so much at stake.

We’ve all needed that hand up, that friendly face to support us during the challenges of life, so let’s all be willing to offer our hands up and out of what these brave young people are going through. One of us can’t handle it, but together we can make a big difference…and miracles happen every minute of every day.

As always, prayer and gratitude for the miracles to come will be consistently needed to sustain and support the creation of the Therapists for Veterans Foundations.

I continue to hold the vision of the universal consciousness of peaceful reconciliation and healing on our beloved planet.

Adele Tartaglia, BAEd, CPRT, CHt, NLPTLT, Bd Cert Regression Therapist, Bd. Cert. Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Developer Restructuring Therapy, Life Coach, Interfaith Minister, Author, Radio Show Host, Power Places Empowerment Facilitator.

The Life Management Center – Transform Your Life Instantly. Call 480/706-8137 Instant Relief. NATIONWIDE Online/Phone Sessions Available. Restructuring Therapy to Re-Wire the Mind. Http://

Addendum to Part I

The first step is to prepare a complete financial analysis of the Therapists for Veterans Foundation’s needs to present to the First Lady, Mrs. Biden, and other funding institutions. If we obtain grants or funding elsewhere, just having Washington behind our efforts will get us where we need to be.
Michelle Obama launched Mission Serve, a network aimed at linking veterans to community service groups, as part of efforts to aid their transition to civilian life. Traumatized veterans’ ability to transition back into society in a productive way is unlikely unless they are healed of the impact of the shock of active war service.

First Lady Michelle Obama wants Americans to recognize the sacrifices of the nation’s veterans by contributing to a grass-roots volunteer and community service network that will expand services for veterans and, supporters say, enrich American society.

At a Veterans Day event Wednesday, Mrs. Obama announced a new military-oriented community service organization called Mission Serve, an offshoot of the public-service group Service Nation. One of the services we can render as professionals is to relieve these veterans of the traumatic effects of combat war service.

Only 13 percent of veterans returning to civilian life say the transition is going well, according to a new study released Wednesday, and nearly 2 in 3 veterans say they have skills to offer but that no one in their community has reached out to them. At the same time, a higher percentage of veterans are unemployed. The ability to secure and retain a viable job while still suffering from PTSD is severely undermined. The subsequent loss of self esteem, personal empowerment and self fulfillment is greatly enhanced when an adult is unable to support themselves and their families. One of the most shameful behaviors America has demonstrated is their willingness to abandon veterans and their families.

Vice President Biden’s wife, Jill, is active in a group called Delaware Boots on the Ground which “matches services to needs” for military members and their families. “There is a role for each and every one of us in supporting our military families,” said Mrs. Biden. There will be a great need for support staff at the PTSD Healing Centers which can be filled by people who answer these calls to pay back to those who have kept in place the continuity of the American way of life at great personal expense. We can all be part of showing our gratitude to those who need it most instead of hiding them away as too difficult to deal with.

A line of communication must be opened with Dr. Paula Schnurr and the National Center for PTSD.

Schnurr has been serving veterans at VA for 19 years and is responsible for program development, consultation on research projects, and strategic direction of the activities at the seven sites that make up the National Center for PTSD.

Dr. Paula Schnurr, deputy executive director for VA’s National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), received the 3rd annual Ladies Home Journal…. “Dr. Schnurr’s contribution to veterans is an exceptional example of the Department’s commitment to healing those who have borne the battle,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. James B. Peake. “Her research was recognized for finding the best therapy among current treatment approaches for PTSD in women.”

The study led by Schnurr for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was the largest clinical trial of individual psychotherapy for PTSD ever conducted. The findings led to VA supporting a national training program in “prolonged-exposure therapy,” which had not previously been widely used. Repetitive re-living of the event to desensitize the victim and prolonged-exposure therapy are cruel and painful therapies that cause the veteran to go through the mind numbing events many times instead of the number of actual events sustained on the field of war.
VA is a world leader in the research, diagnosis and treatment of PTSD, providing specialized PTSD programs at its medical centers and clinics. More about the National Center for PTSD can be found at

SOURCE U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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