Why We Can’t Loose Weight

 Hidden Beliefs Sabotaging Our Efforts To Loose Weight Part I

From Transform Your Life Instantly Using Mental/Emotional Erasers ©, 2005  Adele Tartaglia

Disregarding the biological reasons making weight loss difficult, there are perfectly legiti-mate explanations for it that vary from person to person. It is our hidden, unknown beliefs in our subconscious minds that are keeping us locked into any situation, including the weight and body shape we have. No matter how hard we try to diet, loose weight, or exercise regularly, as long as our subconscious mind is full of sabotaging beliefs about how hard it is to lose weight, that we can take it off but we can’t keep it off, how we’ve always been heavy, how we have Aunt Suzie’s legs, how fat we are, how our genes make us fat, how because we are sick we need to keep extra weight on, I have a slow metabolism, etc., it will keep sabotaging our conscious mind’s efforts.

That is because it is the subconscious that is directing our lives to achieving our goals, not our conscious minds. If you’re experiencing being blocked in any area of your life, it is because your subconscious mind is doing its job of keeping you on track in succeeding in achieving goals it’s already programmed with. That is its job as your auto pilot. Old goals based on old belief systems from childhood are in conflict with the goals you’re trying to achieve today. Until you get rid of the old programming, you’ll keep experiencing either the same results as in the past or random events instead of permanent success. You start to make some progress in your conscious mind’s goals to loose weight and get in shape. When the subconscious sees you starting to get thinner, which is a program it does not have in its data base, the old programming kicks in and undermines your efforts.

Here’s how consciousness works and how we can use it to our advantage. We know that our beliefs are the energy creating our lives1 and that our beliefs create our thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, and actions. The words we frame up our beliefs in, think our thoughts in terms of, speak to ourselves in our self talk create not only our feelings but the events of our lives. They are either positive and affirm our goal or they are negative and are oppositional to our goal. We know that our lives, especially our bodies, reflect our beliefs whether we know what those beliefs are or not. Conscious or subconscious, it makes no difference, the process is the same. Until we change our beliefs, we cannot change our lives. We know that when we change our beliefs, our lives and our bodies will change automatically without effort.

In my work as a Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and self-empowerment coach, I have heard many, many reasons for why my clients were not able to lose weight or maintain weight loss when they do lose it. Using Regression Therapy the hidden reasons, the beliefs, the messages of childhood, the painful labels, are revealed to be deleted thus freeing the person to choose in the moment to loose weight without old baggage triggering to undermine their choice. As the saying goes, it’s not what you’re eating… its what’s eating you. I have sited some of these reasons and beliefs below. If any of them resonate with you, feel free to release them and let them go right now. In therapy sessions I use my Cognitive and Emotional Deletion Protocols2 to remove programs and behaviors that don’t serve the client.

While you’re reading this article, you’re going to be making some permanent changes in your belief systems that will change the way you think about and experience your life, and your body.   

First, we’re going to learn some new information so we understand how our mind works. Then, we’re going to get rid of some old false beliefs that don’t serve our purpose of losing weight or keeping it off.

Your real self, the self before the programming, is still connected to the all- knowing universal consciousness that knows and understands the nature of both physical reality and spiritual reality. Your conscious mind just has to get quiet enough to tune in and listen to what your own internal guide, your real self or authentic self, is telling you.  It has all the answers and it’s always trying to get your attention. When we stop the mind chatter and go into the silence, we can clearly hear our own wisdom.

The first truth is that there is no separation between your body, mind and spirit. Your consciousness itself is in every cell, atom, and organ of your body. You are an inseparable mind body spirit system. The Dean of Harvard’s School of Medicine has just published a book based on this theory: The Power and Biology of Beliefs. Whatever beliefs you hold about your body, your self, and the world you live in, are reflected and manifested in your body’s structure, condition and health. Negative societal conditioning is a major factor in our weight problems. It is crucial our society rid itself of the mass conscious beliefs that are contributing to destroying our over all health, making us an overweight nation suffering from premature aging.

The second truth your higher self knows is that the body is not solid matter but 99 % empty space. According the quantum physics, the body is a field of information and energy. It is configured in the shape it is, because of cellular memory. The body renews itself continually yet keeps reappearing in the same shape with the same illnesses and conditions because of cellular memory that was implanted in the mind body system and in tissue long ago.  These old programs automatically keep reproducing the same body rather than creating a new body type, or a healthier body state, because the beliefs in body tissue are unknown or unnoticed by your conscious mind.

It is interesting that we continue to say negative harmful destructive things to ourselves in our self talk for years on end and never catch those automatic phrases that are locking us into the same patterns and behaviors. Because the beliefs those words represent are embedded in a part of the mind that we don’t access often, the messages we give ourselves are unconscious until we stop and learn to speak with conscious languaging. The mind body system believes every word you say and every word you think and automatically manifests in like kind…the Law of Mind Action, thoughts create after themselves in like kind. Since they are hidden from us, we don’t do anything to get rid of them and stop the cycle.

The subconscious is non-discriminatory. It doesn’t make decisions as to what is a good belief to hold or a bad belief to hold. It is your hard drive. It simple records everything it takes in from the moment you were conceived.  These old programs are in subconscious and were put there from another frame of reference. At the time you or others programmed your beliefs about yourself, the world, and health in general, the beliefs you put in made perfect sense to the maintenance of your well being or were information that was automatically accepted and recorded by the unconscious mind  It is this outdated programming that is the information and intelligence system that is directing  the energy of which your body is made.

Now you are a fully grown adult with the capability of taking care of yourself in this world, who is self sustained, and does not need negative coping mechanisms, diversions, attention getting devices, protection from a big bad world. You are in control of your beliefs, thoughts, and words, and therefore of your life. You are no longer that little child who was helpless and hopeless and trapped in a situation beyond your control. You have had a shift in viewpoint as you have grown up and matured. But your body mind system is still operating on old beliefs that are patterning your life in accordance with childhood needs and goals.

When we get it that it is the subconscious that is our auto navigator directing our lives unconsciously to fulfill outmoded goals based on a very different perception of life, we will tackle the cleaning out of our false beliefs with urgency. The unconscious was created to support us by aligning with the conscious mind desires and the bio-chemical messages from the body and the heart’s intelligence. If we don’t realign the multi leveled intelligence centers in the system, the subconscious will keep moving toward those earlier programmed goals automatically without us even knowing it and we will continue to try to change and be frustrated in our efforts. Its function is to see that we successfully accomplish whatever goals we have set for ourselves, so it is crucial that we reprogram it with goals we want to achieve today. 

Many forgotten childhood beliefs and goals that no longer serve our purposes are on automatic create in our lives. It is the hidden, forgotten beliefs in our subconscious that we are unaware of that are at the heart of many failed relationships, failures in business, money issues, and lack of success in achieving and maintaining the body we want. So we’re going to examine some common beliefs that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts, your weight maintenance efforts, and your attempts to get your body into optimum condition.

We know that thoughts are energy forms that are constantly sending out brain waves frequencies into the universe, creating and attracting events, people, and conditions into every area of our lives. The subconscious is over ninety percent of our mind so it makes sense that it is sending out the most attracting energy. Unfortunately, seventy five percent or more of the programs contained in it are negative and not even our own. They were picked up during socialization or given to us through intergenerational programming. 

This includes the area of our personal health, weight, and well being also. We know that when we change our beliefs and thoughts, we can change what is manifesting in our lives and bodies.  It is easier to change a thought form and the creating energy coming from it, than it is to change something that has already manifested into what we believe is concrete material reality. And remember our bodies are actually made up of energy and information, not solid mass. This is important information since it is easier to change energy than it is matter. Beliefs are energy so when we change them, the body changes with them as do the real time events in our life.

However, mass consciousness believes that the material world is made up of solid matter and to change it we have to do physical labor. But since we are learning new information with which to recreate our mind body systems, let us set aside mass conscious beliefs and use the laws of physics for our own benefit. Over a hundred years ago, Einstein and his associates explained that there is no such thing as matter, there is only information and energy in a field of infinite possibilities.  It is the information coming from your own beliefs you have in your conscious and subconscious mind that is creating your life and your body. 

Actually, there is no independent reality other than what each observer is creating at the moment. The person seeing the event is influencing it with his beliefs about it so totally that no two people ever experience life events or the world around them in the same way. This is true for our bodies. The beliefs we have about our bodies, our health, and the world, are creating our body on every level for there is no place in our body that our conscious and subconscious minds do not inhabit.

If you keep telling yourself your metabolism is slow and no matter what you do, you will be fat because you have inherited genes that make you fat, your body believes you. Hearing these beliefs about yourself, your body will molecularly restructure itself around these beliefs and your metabolism will slow down and you will stay overweight as long as you continue to have these beliefs. You’ve heard of hysterical blindness, the effect of our emotions and our beliefs on our bodies. People have confined themselves to wheelchairs because some part of consciousness believed it either served them or others for them to be unable to walk anymore. The influence of doctors pronouncing pessimistic prognoses over their patients has caused many to give up and die when with a more holistic positive treatment they would have lived, or walked, or seen.

Our immune systems and the cells and that make up our glands and organs, are monitoring every thought we have, and every word we speak. Whatever the message of those thoughts and words is, is what takes place in our mind body organism. If you don’t want to be heavy, fat, overweight, plump, fat and sassy, stop telling yourself and others you are. Words have very strong solidifying energy that can turn thought patterns into what we consider the concrete reality we experience as our life.  What you talk about and think about shows up in your life in one form or another.

I have my clients while still in hypnotic trance make a commitment to stop speaking words that they do not want to experience in their life….about everything. Stop telling your story unless you want to relive it over and over again. If you are dragging the past around with you or living in it, you are re-creating it for yourself, and all the pain attached to it, every time you repeat your story.
In the second part, I will give some of the commonly held beliefs that you may or may not know you hold, which may be sabotaging your accomplishing your weight goals.
  These are underlying beliefs that provide motivation for keeping weight on, not being able to lose weight, not exercising, not eating a balanced diet, etc.  These are all false beliefs shared by us all in mass consciousness. This is the societal conditioning we need to rid ourselves of if we want to change our mind body systems. By letting go of these false beliefs, your whole life will brighten up, become lighter, and flow more smoothly and joyfully for you. These beliefs are contributing nothing to your life; these are the negative beliefs that show up in our self-talk.

Whichever ones have meaning for you or whichever ones you resist, or deny are a part of your makeup, are the very ones that are influencing your life the most. They are already part of your subconscious programming, we’re just pointing them out. You can’t stop doing something you are pretending you’re not doing so getting the subconscious to reveal its hidden material serves the purpose of locating hidden conditioning so you can address it. You’re living with them everyday, and they are the very beliefs you don’t need anymore. They are not serving you and your goals for yourself.

In this series of articles I will also go into an easy way delete beliefs and to install positive, supporting beliefs that will help you accomplish your weight loss goals. ©

Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005, Adele Tartaglia

1 Beliefs, the Energy Creating Your Life ©, A. Tartaglia, 1994
2 Cognitive Protocols, Emotional Protocols, Behavioral Protocols from the Transform Your Life Course, 2005, A. Tartaglia




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