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Natal Influences and Inclinations Are
Subject To the Deletion/Rescript Protocols!

Astrology is the oldest mathematically based science on the planet and was employed in every great civilization. Hippocrates would not allow any physician to practice unless he could cast his patient’s natal chart, the biological ramifications of the planetary influences being that important to diagnosing and treating a patient.

Psycho-astrology is well known because of one of its most famous practitioners, Jungian analyst Liz Greene.  In layman’s terms, Psycho-astrology is the science of determining and understanding why we are showing up like we are in this lifetime. It’s a picture into the content of our subconscious mind. What are our hidden motivations, values, biases and fears? Some of us are good at recognizing our own feelings, viewpoints on life, and level of self esteem. But we all have many blind spots which may be blocking self actualization and fulfillment. Once we become aware of hidden agendas, traits, coping mechanisms, and triggers, we can delete them and rescript them in utilitarian ways that will have a profound impact on the way we operate our lives including the degree of success and happiness we experience.

As a Regression Therapist, I believe we pick our Natal charts in-between lives dependent on what we perceive to be our life work and our karmic lessons. This makes studying psycho-astrology of primary importance in our comprehension of how we are perceived by others as well as how our subconscious mind has framed us up which is based almost entirely of external data programmed into it. To be understood by the world around you as a decent functioning contributing citizen entails that we first understand how our own mind works so that we may take control of it.

If you ever wondered why you behave and respond to life like you do, reading your Psycho-astrology report will shed great understanding on who you are and who you can become. It’s like an astrological therapeutic analysis of everything we came in with and its attendant psychological ramifications. The benefit is that you come to view yourself from a much kinder more generous point of view once you see why you think and operate like you do. It’s like letting yourself off the hook based on realistic facts; it can lead to an instant end of condemnatory self talk.

Equally important, your Psycho-astrology report serves as your Psychological Underlying Causality Worksheet. Once you comprehend that you are working through a psychological bias for instance, you can delete that particular bias and install an “in the moment, fully conscious choice maker profile” instead that includes that bias’s polar opposite trait and belief.

Here’s an example that will make sense to everyone. We know that all children in a family unit are different and adapt to the family system in variable ways that are unique to their personalities, to left over residues from past lives, to who they came in as in this life, and to their chosen destiny. From this widened back perspective, it is not only parental treatment and assigned mythology that alters the responses and the psyche of a child. There is a great deal of pre-disposition going on.

The science of psycho-astrology explains the bases of that pre-disposition. If there were no influences other than the nurturing one, all children in the family would be the same except for parental biases toward one over the other. But in fact, what works with one child will not work for the other children in the family because each child’s soul has its own blueprint, collections of experiences, fears, and strengths which dictate how they will respond to the external stimuli in their environments.

Psycho-astrology reports are extremely beneficial for parents to get for their children as soon as possible because the earlier you start raising your child from a sound sane methodology based on the requisites dictated by their individuality, the less negative and conflicting programming they will get and the more focused, centered, and empowered they will be even as children.

The report informs parents how to handle each child in the most beneficial way within the context of that child’s mental inclinations, psychological dispositions, and their needs and goals. It is completely different for each child as it must be since each soul comes in with a singularity of purpose toward which its grooming must be in alignment for maximum functionality in the world.

My approach differs from others in the field in that I believe that negative aspects and influences found in the natal chart and psycho-astrology reports are subject to Deletion and Rescripts. An example is a case history of a woman who never experienced a loving respectful relationship. She had in her natal chart Saturn, Mars, and Uranus in the seventh house of relationships: co-operation/opposition, and did not realize it. Once discovered, she was able to delete the negative effects of these planets and cooperate with the lessons she set up for herself that these planets posed, reframe her attitudes about partnerships and marriage, and rescript  programs antithetical to the challenge indicated by their presence in this house.

Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005, Adele Tartaglia
Raising a Soulful Child, 1999, Adele Tartaglia

 Psycho-Astrology Reports:
There is nothing contained in these reports that will not assist you in the area of personal knowledge without which you cannot make the best use of the talents and personality traits you came in with or can develop. It is simply a matter of learning tools to actualize your potential and de-activate programs that are sabotaging your growth and development.

Natal Chart   $19.95
Understanding who you are and why you came here.
What strengths and weakness did you choose to come in with?
Interpersonal challenges with your parents, mates, and children are
influenced by planetary placement. Financial issues, life lessons, career choices, home, health and timing are all indicated in the Natal Chart.

Psycho-Astrology Report A Gold Mine of Self Knowledge    $49
How you approach life and how you appear to others.
The inner you: your real motivation. Mental interests and abilities,
emotions, moods, feelings and romance are covered. Life influences,
including psychological make up, drive and ambition: how you achieve your goals. Discover your own natal influences and predispositions.

Major Life Themes: Life Mastery    $15
An interpretation of your birth chart. Life themes are in the order of priority to you. Which astrological influences are available to you that can be used as resources.  Recurrent themes, repetitive life patterns, etc.

Personality Aptitude Scores   $15
A comprehensive profile to use in utilizing your strengths in your career and daily activities. Improve weaknesses for a more fulfilling, meaningful and rewarding life.

Relocation Astrology Maps   $15
Astro-maps indicating your ideal location for love, romance, career, inspiration, excitement, friendship, and family.

Hidden Messages    $15
Subliminal messages you’re acting out with knowing it. An excellent pre-requisite to Healing in Conscious therapy that saves time and effort an accelerates the healing process. 

Child Psycho Astrological Report:   $55
Becoming the most effective parent for each of your children. Psycho-astrology reports are extremely beneficial for parents to get for their children as soon as possible because the earlier you start raising your child from a sound sane methodology for the requisites dictated by their individuality, the less negative and conflicting programming they will get and the more focused, centered, and empowered they will be, even as children.  How your child approaches life, how they appear to others, and how they view you as a parent are illuminating issues to examine. The inner child’s real motivation, mental interests, abilities, emotions, moods, feelings, and interpersonal relationships are detailed. Life and parental influences, drive and ambition and how they will achieve their goals are crucial for you to understand during the early childhood years of one to seven when the treatment of a child sets them up for lifelong patterns.

Daily Transit Forecast  Timing is Everything     $15- $39
Check planetary influences for travel, investments, health and relationship decisions. Find out how transiting planets influence your daily life and the experiences you’re having…plan ahead for advantageous transits and avoidance of challenging transits.

Compatibility Reports    $45
How compatible are you with another person and how to make the best of the relationships and partnerships in your life.

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