Coaching for Life Plus

Excerpted from Make Your Mind Work for You…Instead of Against You!(c)

Learn to Deliberately Create What You Want in Life and in Business with
Someone Who Knows Your Goals and Supports Your Attaining Them with
the Most Powerful Tools Available Today…Restructuring Regression Therapy.

Use Instant Subconscious Reprogramming to Erase and Replace 
Subconscious Programs Blocking Your Success, Fulfillment, and Happiness.

Handle Your Insecurities so You Can Show Up for Your Life.
Delete Unworthiness & Undeservedness Identities Blocking Your Success.

Erase & Replace Negative Attitudes that frame your Entire life as Hopeless
and Helpless. 

Delete Your Victimhood Identity. Take Control of Your Own Life!

Increase Your Power and Effectiveness by Staying Present in the Moment.
Stop Unconscious Triggering that Regresses You Back to the Past.

Double Your Productivity With Less Effort. Learn How to Focus All Your 
Attention on Your Intention so Success is Automatic.

Stop Repetitive Life Patterns like Failure, Bankruptcy, Divorce by Deleting
the Programs Creating them.

Learn The Importance of Conscious Languaging & Deliberate Thinking.
Commit to Stop Saying & Thinking Things You Don’t Want to Experience.
Stop Defeating Yourself Before You Start!

Live a Balanced Life Honoring Personal and Professional Goals so Guilt, Fun,
and Loneliness do not Distract You from the Tasks at Hand.

Stop Self-Sabotage By Aligning Your Subconscious Programs with Your 
Conscious Mind Intentions. Let Your Conscious Mind Fulfill Your Goals.

Life Alignment Precedes Goal Setting. Discover What Your Talents are
and Align them with What You Really Want to do.

Develop a Sense of Purpose and Accomplishment and Commit to it
so Momentum Accrues Effortlessly.  

Make Use of Your Whole Person by Aligning Your Mental, Physical,
Emotional and Spiritual Attributes.

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