Coaching for Professionals

Coaching for Professionals
Coaching by Millionaire Entrepreneur

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• A service providing clients with unbiased feedback and guidance from a credentialed Therapist and Self Empowerment Facilitator.

• The give and take of coaching is a collaborative partnership. A powerful alliance between client and a coach who believes in your potential as you become a successful expert in your field.

• Begins with Life Alignment and Goal Setting, primary to goal achievement.

• Encouragement to stay focused and develop consistent progress toward your objectives.

• Develop a sense of purpose and accomplishment building momentum toward long term success.

• Assessments are used to determine your challenges and strengths throughout the process.

• Someone who knows your goals and supports your attaining them with the most powerful tools available today.

• Erase and replace subconscious programs blocking your success and happiness instantly.

• Self confidence, handling worthiness issues, and positive expectations create a high degree of achievement.

• Transform Your Life Expert enables you to produce more than you would by yourself using Restructuring Therapy.

• Successful integration and balance of your personal life with your professional life.

Adele Tartaglia, BA Ed, CPRT, CHt, NLPTLT, Transform Your Life Expert, Bd. Cert. Regression, Restructuring & Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Author,   Self Empowerment Facilitator, Radio Show Host, International Speaker.

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