Addiction Inventory


Proclivities and Personality Traits

Significant personality factors that can contribute to addiction:

– Impulsive behavior, difficulty in delaying gratification, an antisocial personality and a disposition toward sensation seeking.
– A high value on nonconformity combined with a weak commitment to the goals for achievement valued by the society.
– A sense of social alienation and a general tolerance for deviance.
– A sense of heightened stress. This may help explain why adolescence and other stressful transition periods are often associated with the most severe drug and alcohol problems.

Mark All that Relate to You

Substitute drugs for God in your life
Anxiety disorder: highly sensitized; stress adverse
Shame based
Poor self worth and lack of self esteem
Using to handle remorse and guilt 
Using for mood altering
Likes to be in altered state
Unresolved trauma
Impulse control issues
Unable to honor their word
Uses cognitive distortions
Inability to keep commitments
Break promises
Make excuses even to self
Magical thinking
Likes to take easy way out
Will steal and lie to get money for drugs
Refusal to grow up
Inability to achieve long term goals
Ignoring whole area’s of life like career, family
Refusal to take responsibility for self
Works odd hours
Lives in own world
Non conformists
Lying to protect source
Lying and sneaking to hiding it from loved ones
Denial experts: pretending that you have it under control 
Steeped in denial and projection….its always someone else’s fault
Emotional manipulator


The following exercise will help you to further analyze your drug patterns.  To identify when you are most likely to use and why you do it, check yes or no next to each item listed below.  Use this form for drugging only. We will be Deleting and Rescripting these insights.  You make notes next to the topics.

WHEN                                                                                  YES                                                               NO

I use drugs when I…… 
 need to change my brain functions

 need to handle uncomfortable feelings

 want to enjoy myself

 compulsively triggered

 am trying to numb out

 am hyperactive

 am nervous

 am trying to calm down

 am bored

 am depressed

 am stressed

 am overwhelmed by life

 need energy

 am happy

 am angry

 want to celebrate

 want to reward myself

 am sad

 am lonely

 am frustrated

 am anxious

 am afraid

 unconscious: in habitual mode

am alone

taking breaks from work


WHERE                                                                            YES                                                              NO

I use drugs…..
 in front of TV
 in the bathroom

at work

in the car

in bed

WHY                                                                                     YES                                                            NO

I use whenever I need



 something to do

 to cheer up

 to like myself more

 to relax

 to wake up

 to feel more important

 to feel secure



 After you have pinpointed the times, locations, and reasons you use drugs inappropriately, and we have deleted these reasons, you can begin to change your behavior pattern. Look back at the “when” category. Which ones are marked “yes?”  In the chart below, under the “when” heading, write your answer from the “when- yes” column.  

Now look at the right hand column marked “New Options.” Give yourself plenty of time to think of alternative activities. Make sure these activities genuinely appeal to you.  Since they are the ones that you will commit yourself to during restructuring, they must be acceptable to you and they must satisfy the same emotional needs as your drug habit did.

Follow the same procedure for the “where” and “why” categories. You will have several statements that ring true for you.

 WHEN                                                                                                NEW OPTIONS

[bored….so instead I could….                                            take a walk, research, distract myself, read, exercise, call a partner trying to get clean]  

 WHERE                                                                                              NEW OPTIONS

[watching TV so instead I could…..                               work on my goals in every areas of life, research the show I am watching online,

WHY                                                                                                      NEW OPTIONS

[love….so instead I could…..                                                call friends or family, go online and visit with friends





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