Fee Schedule

One Restructuring Session is like 10 Years of Talk Therapy
Online/Onsite/Phone/Skype adeletar  Sessions Available
480/220-2089     eztherapy@gmail.com

Standard Session Fees: $45 – $200 Hour

Monthly Life Management Counseling: Unlimited Phone consultation available for a $300 deposit monthly at the rate of $45/45minutes until it runs out and is renewed.

$50 hr Discounts for Coaching and Therapy Clients for new client

Family Discounts Available

Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Available Modalities
Intake Sessions $100hr
Counseling $150hr
Custom Designed Protocol Preparation $75 hr
Restructuring Regression Session $150-200 hr
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Session $150-200 hr
Regression Therapy Session $150 hr
Parallel Therapy Session $150 hr
Coaching $45/45min
Life Coaching: $150-200 hr
Life Transition Coaching $100-150 hr
Coaching for Professionals $150-200 hr
Business & Success Coaching $100 hr

Addiction Therapy & Chronic Conditions
[May Require 2-3 Sessions]
Weight Loss
Sex Addiction
Chronic Illness

Payment is due at time of service.  Payment is due regardless of the vehicle used to receive the service, Phone, Online, Onsite, or Skype.

Overdue bills are subject to 1% interest monthly.

Payments Accepted:
Checks made payable to Adele Tartaglia
Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard [Statement will read Alliance of Divine Love Chapel 573]

Life Management Center Contract:

In order to warranty receipt of fair and just remuneration for my work legally,  I must receive from each client permission to treat them, which is further detailed on the signed Intake Form. It is partially spelled out here.

At no time will Adele Tartaglia advise me nor has she advised me to stop seeing my regular Medical Doctor(s) or to abandon my prescribed medications. Consult your Physician for advice for medical conditions.

Integrative CAM [Complementary & Alternative Medicine] is not intended to diagnose or replace traditional Medical treatment. It is often used in combination with Standard Medical Care.  Information given by therapist Adele Tartaglia is not to be construed as medical advice.

I agree to employ and indemnify Adele Tartaglia, Bd. Cert. Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Bd. Cert. Past/Current Life Regression Therapist, NLP Time Line Therapist, Restructuring Therapist, and Coach, DBA The Life Management Center, to do Integrative Medical Therapies with me which have been explained to me in detail.

I understand fees are due at the time of service. I accept the rates cited above.

NB: I understand that Service is defined for purposes of payment to be any of the therapies offered by The Life Management Center listed under Client Services via whatever method of delivery of these services I choose to use.  Phone, Skype, Online, and Onsite.


Client Printed Name_____________________ Accepted as an Electronic Signature







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