Why Vitamins & Supplements

Why Supplements and Vitamins 

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Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel prizes said “you can trace every sickness, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”. (Ed note: or vitamin deficiency to toxic exposure from foods, environment, pharmaceuticals, etc.

“We live in an era in which 98% of pharmaceutical preparations have no proven beneficial effects, in which the pharmaceutical industry has created the fourth largest cause of death herself, the side effects of medication, with the sole purpose of creating new markets for its products.” –Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D., 1999.

Natural Medicine, Holistic Health, and organic foods are in the midst of a wellness revolution as more and more citizens realize they are being poisoned by their pharmaceuticals and the food supply.  The claim has been made that the AMA is in the sickness business whereas Natural Medicine is in the wellness business. 

As an Alternative Therapist, not a medical doctor, I am dedicated to helping people live holistic lives in mind, body and spirit. I think in terms of Whole Person therapy or Holistic therapy.  If there is an organic, herbal, botanical, tincture, whole food source, or natural nutrient that can be used to cure a disease instead of a manufactured drug, I like to recommend it to my clients. This is of course in concordance with removing the underlying cause of the disease, including the beliefs that created it to begin with. There is only one system and it is the body/mind/spirit which is integrally interdependent and inexorably one.

Death through medical and healthcare industry error accounts for more demise  in our country than any other cause so it is crucial we all become pro-active about all medical treatments dispensed to us.

Before we get into any discussion about supplements versus pharmaceuticals, the importance of a thorough medical history including current treatment regimes is stated here from Symptomogy.org.

You should do one big thing to ensure that your doctor knows exactly what to do with you. Typically when you see a new doctor for…. pain,  they will ask you all types of questions. They will question you so thoroughly because getting you on the wrong type of treatment or diagnosis is really a bad situation. Some people get medical mix ups at the pharmacy and die.

Oprah did a show documenting the massive amount of medical mishaps. Everything from the absolute wrong prescription for a given person who was allergic to the medication to the wrong strengths of medications. Her reported number of deaths due to this was to the tune of 150,000 each year. That is huge.

When you see your doctor make sure that you disclose to her your use of herbal medications. I know, you think that the all natural stuff is really not medication. But in reality it is. Sometimes patients like you ….. are quick to discount what you’ve tried.  Don’t do this because you may still be using that all natural product and it may interact with the prescription the doctor orders for you.

Next, you must ensure that you tell your physician about taking any OTC medications. Over-the-counter medications you can readily get from the pharmacy without needing a doctors prescription. Once again the problem is that many people think it is no big deal to skip
adding that to the doctors questions. A problem occurs and wow, you are in the hospital or worse yet, you become one of the 150,000 Oprah reported on.

A client came to me complaining of extensive perimenopausal symptoms that were frankly contributing to the disruption of her marriage. I knew a protocol that had worked well for other women. I did the research and contacted a Homeopath for his protocol.  Before I could recommend the full routine, I researched her particular medical history. As it turns out, as effective as this protocol had been with menopausal women, my client could not go on it because she had had a kidney transplant which is contraindicated for the use of some of the supplements used for the relief of the medical conditions she had. I advised her not to take these supplements and to check for her self any pharmaceuticals prescribed for her by her doctors.

Another client, also menopausal was presenting with pre Alzheimer type cognitive impairments. She did have other menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, moodiness, hot flashes, etc. Frequently doctors will put such a client on HRT or ERT therapy without advising them of the devastating effects these treatments have on the body. Naturopathic medicinaries claim the bio–identical hormones are safe for everyone. Upon further investigation, it turned out that if a woman has never been on HRT and suddenly begins this treatment, after years of menopause without hormone treatment, her chances increase considerably for Alzheimers from taking the traditional HRT regime of combined hormones. She can safely take bio-identical progesterone alone in many instances but again, this will depend on her medical history. I did not recommend menopausal supplements for this client either.

This gives you an idea of how careful we must be in considering any type of drug intake, including natural supplements which have become increasing more potent and therefore deserving of more caution.

Naturopathy or natural medicine is an alternative medical system that uses remedies occurring in nature and relies on the body’s vital ability to heal and maintain itself.  That vital spark of life, the soul, is an animating principle outside biochemical reactions and the laws of physics, chemistry, or medicine. This is the self determining part of the human soul I teach about.  It is preventative medicine that favors holistic approaches with minimal surgery and drugs.

I had another client with adrenal fatigue for which medical doctors claimed they knew of no cure or control until the final stages of the disease which were treated with daily injections of steroids. Researching the symptoms and naturopathic cures not only confirmed this was the disorder she was suffering from, but also provided an old formula to correct the ailment. When taken under the direction of a Naturopath by prescription, this simple formula turned this woman’s life around and brought her back to life within two weeks. Even the Naturopath was shocked by the results. After ten years of doctors telling her there was nothing they could do for her until she went into adrenal failure itself. They recommended she take life threatening doses of thyroxin and hormone replacement therapy which she refused to do. Instead of further compromising her body with traditional medicines, here was a safe naturopathic cure that did not cause the shut down of other organs or destroy body tissue.

There are natural remedies with tremendous potential when you have been written off by a medical doctor or do not or can not take traditional medical treatments. It is just important to realize that supplements are real drugs just as pharmaceuticals are but with less additives. 

Here is a side note story about additives.  A patient with adrenal fatigue tried taking a well known supplement and had such an allergic reaction to it she had to call 911. It wasn’t the adrenal cortex in the pill, it was the additives that caused the allergic reaction. She was able to take other adrenal supplements like Standard Process without incident.

To get back to the difference between pharmaceuticals and supplements, in this country we have no protection from the Pharmaceutical companies, big pharma,  which is putting us at great risk for secondary diseases created by the use of their drugs. Drugs produced in the major pharmaceutical laboratories are well known for disabling or deteriorating other organs and systems while treating the symptomlogy of the primary system under attack. Instead of taking one pill for one disease or symptom, we have to take the initial drug then take additional drugs to handle the side effects of that initial drug.

Many people are on an entire regimen of drugs to counteract or repair the damage and side effects of the primary drug they are taking. Artificially manufactured drugs contain activating ingredients, binders, etc. that the human body does not know what to do with, can’t metabolize, so they accumulate in the tissues and corrupt body tissue and organs. Much the same way the preservatives, dyes, and chemicals in our food supply and the synthetic ingredients like trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils, are not recognized by the body, which is an organic substance, so they convert to free radicals that become carcinogens.

Additionally, dangerous and life threatening side effects from drugs complicate treatment and cause unnecessary deaths in this country where medical treatment is the leading cause of death. Termed Iatrogenic deaths, research has shown that millions have their lives shortened or have the quality of life damaged by allopathic medical treatment.

 Allopathic medicine: The system of medical practice which treats disease by the use of remedies which produce effects different from those produced by the disease under treatment. MDs practice allopathic medicine. Also called conventional medicine.

What we are practicing in our country is not preventative medicine nor is it curative medicine but alleviation of symptom medicine.  There are so many drugs approved by the FDA that are destructive to the population, it stands to reason we must each take personal responsibility for all medical procedures recommended to us and for all drugs prescribed for us. By responsibility I mean researching every drug and every procedure before you ingest the drug or allow the procedure, especially if you have any long term health issues.

A person was recently prescribed levaquin for a sinus infection. She was already in status asthmaticus when it was prescribed for her. She asked the practitioner three times if she was sure that this was a safe drug for asthmatics to take. She assured her it was. She asked the druggist if it was safe and he assured her it was.  Within twenty minutes of taking it she was on oxygen to facilitate breathing. She began treatment with the drug only to discover it was such a powerful respiratory depressant that fatalities have occurred on the drug. There are currently class action law suits against the manufacturer of this drug for the damage it does to multiple other vital systems.

The Levaquin Link – Although this dangerous medication has managed to stay on the market for over a decade, the manufacturers of Levaquin failed to warn individuals that the drug is directly linked to serious and devastating side effects.

Last year a doctor listed as a thyroid specialist reduced his patient’s drug intake that she had been taking for fifty years by half and through her into a state of thyroid collapse and what appeared to be chronic fatigue and early on set Alzheimers. The fact that she had Hashimoto’s Disease and was entirely dependent on the drug to keep her endocrine system functioning escaped this careless doctor. The state board did nothing to protect future patients from the doctor. The patient lost six months of her life and would have gone into myxedema coma if she had not known to start increasing it back to her normal dosage herself. Her doctor was furious with her for doing this but she lived to tell about it.

Big pharma lobbies heavily to stop the sale of supplements and vitamins because they are cutting into their multi-billion dollar a year profits. In addition to costing less, supplements are so much healthier that the drug manufacturers also loose the secondary market of  curing the diseases their drugs cause. What we can do is sign the petitions to stop supplements from being outlawed and flood congress with emails protesting the control over our lives by the pharmaceutical industry.

An instance where the drug industry is causing a chain reaction of medical incidents is that of fighting acid reflux  Acid Reflux can be treated without the dangerous side effects inherent in traditional drugs such as abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation, esophageal candidiasis plus possible side effects affecting other organs.  Anti-reflux drugs, such as Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, Nexium, Tagamet, Zantac, and Pepcid are effective in suppressing gastric acid, healing esophagitis and ulcers. However, by inhibiting the production of gastric acid and gastrin needed for digestion of protein, people using these drugs do not produce sufficient acid and enzymes to digest the food in their stomachs causing digestive problems which as we know is the center for disease control in the human body. At best, these drugs are only temporary treatments that require lifestyle changes to avoid acid reflux from returning.  Most doctors believe these drugs are the only alternative because that is what their pharmaceutical company rep has told them.

I am not qualified in medicine and make no recommendations other than ‘buyer beware’ applied to the medical community. I have been pronounced dead four times due to medical error so I have spent a life time researching pharmaceuticals, supplements, doctors, and medical procedures. I started out as a pre-med major and was raised reading the PDR’s, Merck’s Manual, Grey’s Anatomy, and Tabers. I subscribe to five medical newsletters from the top five medical schools in our country which only means that having suffered at the hands of so much medical malpractice, I realized early the importance of education. My father who attended medical school before getting his law degree spent many years doing medical research for his clients and our family. It was his idea that I become a pathologist after asking our family doctor so many questions he gave me his own copy of Grey’s Anatomy when I was ten.

Let me make it clear that I believe that there are a multitude of times when the only thing you can do to save your life is to seek the care of a physician and a hospital. I am not advocating that you abandon the skills of a medical doctor. But please, unless  it is a life threatening emergency, check with your state Medical Board for complaints against the doctor and the hospital you choose.

The point is that every home should have a well read PDR or research every pill the family takes online so you become familiar with the side effects of what you are ingesting and can make informed decisions. You should keep abreast of new findings and discoveries about the optional treatments like Deepak Chopra and Andrew Wiles recommend. And most urgent, you should become a specialist in any health areas you are challenged in.  Did you know that a common drug prescribed even for children today is Ampicillin which in many asthmatics causes high fevers and life threatening complications?  With the high incidence of asthma from air pollution, this is information every parent of an allergic child should know.  There are some amazing books and sites available that offer you first hand experiences of people who have healed themselves naturopathically instead of accepting traditional medicine’s prognoses for them such as a dietary change that cured a man’s child of Tourette Syndrone.

If you are interested in treating symptoms and causes naturopathically, there are natural solutions for common ailments such as pre-diabetic high blood sugar regulation, lowering cholesterol, the serotonin connection to sugar and carbohydrate cravings preventing weight loss, exhaustion and mental fogginess from adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism, etc.  There’s very little that cannot be cured naturally which is evident by online research.

Click on DISCOUNT SUPPLEMENTS in the Menu for more information. E-mail me and I will send you a homeopathic protocol from a Doctor of Homeopathy. 

I represent only the purest manufacturers of natural supplements with high quality control such as Standard Process, Medi Herb, Cell Tech, and Royal Body Care, and pass them on to my clients as reasonable costs.  I can recommend them because I take them myself.  I also do referrals to trusted professionals such as naturopaths, homeopaths, and chiropractors certified in advanced activator techniques.

Disclaimer. Before any protocol is followed, naturopathic or allopathic, a complete medical history including drug regimes and medical diagnoses must be established. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Example: I had a marriage counseling client who complained that her menopausal symptoms were exacerbating the collapse of her marriage. This was confirmed by her husband. After researching various menopause protocols and her medical history, I had to advise her she could not safely follow them because she had undergone a kidney transplant and the supplements could do further damage to the remaining kidney. This is not the protocol I was researching to use with her.

If you and your physician decide you should go on this protocol, contact The Life Management Center to obtain the supplements involved at discounted prices through Discount Vitamins and Supplements.



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