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Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Introduction To Hypnotherapy Session
from The Life Management Center Client Intake Form

Please answer these questions as honestly and completely as you can. I will be using this interview as a guide during your sessions to assist you in releasing programming that is blocking your healing, success, relationships, happiness, and goal achievement. Using holistic integrative procedures we will clear up confusion, inconsistencies, abandonment, anger, identity, and boundary issues. Belief and behavior modification will result automatically without effort on your part once these items are addressed and dealt with.  Bringing your subconscious mind into alignment with your conscious mind intentions is the aim of this whole person approach.
Answer with the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about or analyzing your answer. Many hidden family messages, covert implications, and even overt messages are still on automatic create in the subconscious and are at the root of repetitive behaviors and life patterns.  In addition, the intergenerational programming that is still there is often self sabotaging and demeaning. This is your opportunity to clean up any old hurts, esteem issues, phobias, traumas, and negative conditioning so that you can enjoy healthy interpersonal relationships. It is a non-intrusive, safe, gentle, respectful process that leaves everyone feeling secure about themselves and their ability to handle life situations. The process results in a tighter bond between you and those you love as a result of your coming to know and understand yourself and better appreciate your gifts and talents. Everyone wins.

We will be accessing the subconscious mind, which is the auto navigator of your life. It is beliefs, programs, goals, erroneous conclusions, and left over residues from other lives held in the dominant part of the mind, the subconscious, which are creating and attracting the events, people, and body conditions you experience as your life.  By giving the subconscious mind new directions, beliefs and goals toward which to move, you will experience success in areas you were never able to achieve in before. The triggers to erratic behaviors, addictions, biases, defensiveness, anger, and pain will be removed and replaced with supportive ego enhancing beliefs. With the removal of the old false beliefs, behaviors and feelings about self, worthiness automatically come from the new positive programs instead of the prior dysfunctional ones. Change will become easy and successful. Following up the session with healthy conscious languaging is very helpful for your conversion process and will cause spontaneous changes in your attitudes and moods.  Thank you for your full participation in the process.

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