The Influence of Our Perceptions on Our Lives

 How We Interpret Life Alters Our Life

 Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers
Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You

The beliefs behind your perceptions, your interpretations on life, self, and others influence everything in your life. Mental and emotions filters cloud our judgments with untested prejudices, precepts, fears, and assumptions based on previous experiences.

Your perceptions include your beliefs about the world around you, your own life, other people and yourself as a person. They are based on memory and filters stored in the data base of your subconscious mind and used to interpret sensory stimuli, events, people, and bodily conditions. Your assumptions influence the way you think about, act on, and speak regarding the major areas of your existence.

Your perceptual reality includes your filters through which every real time event is filtered depending on what the bias set is of your filter. Emotional operating systems based in negativity  such as anger, hostility, resentment, or egoism result in one kind of frame on life versus an emotional operating system based on positive beliefs such as understanding, acceptance, compassion or love, results in the opposite frame on life. The filters or mechanisms through which we run stimuli create our external and internal responses and triggering.

Further, your understanding of “reality” even conditions and limits your ability to be aware of what is taking place around you. The NIH study on molecules of emotion confirms that it is memory and emotions that create the episodes of our lives and explains how the native Americans did not actually see or fully integrate the Pilgrims landing on their shore. There was nothing in their memory or experience to use as a reference point to assign meaning to what they saw. Therefore they were incapable of discerning, interpreting or analyzing these large vessels heading toward them. Obviously this was a tremendous handicap to them since not recognizing the imminent danger, they took no immediate action to protect themselves.

What is incomprehensible to us because of our conditioning, we don’t defend against, prepare for, or even realize the import of until it is often too late.  A sheltered child has no frame of reference for attacks against them by the criminal element of society since they were conditioned to believe such things don’t happen in real life. Even after the acts are committed and they are suffering the consequences, they are still stymied to take action because their minds remain incredulous that the event even took place. It’s always why did this happen to me? We know that on some level of consciousness, protected as they were, there is another level of beliefs that set them up for abused or attacked. Without some people take advantage of you, people lie, steal and cheat, people can’t be trusted, program in their subconscious mind, their mind would not have attracted the event. You can’t experience what you don’t believe in some part of the mind since it is your beliefs and the emotions attached to them stored in memory that are the attracting element of consciousness. You can see how mixed messages render a person confused, naive, and gullible. 

We transfer beliefs and frames depending on how we experience mother and project them onto other women in our life. Forming biases and emotional triggers about women in general that we are unaware of continue to color or filter our interactions with the female gender. The same is true for our perceptions about men based on our relationship beliefs about father and even, about our bosses based on our perceptions about whoever was the authority figure in our childhood.

Much of couples counseling stems from fears and assumptions about their mate based on this transference from our mothers and fathers that we are projecting onto our spouses. Once cleaned up in the mind of the person experiencing difficulties, understanding, relating, or communication issues with their partners, they begin to see them quite differently and more in alignment with who they actually are.

We also have huge multi-layered belief systems, perceptions, and preconceived notions about bodies in general and our body specifically. They are associated with additional programs about worthiness, physical competency, health, and prognostications about our future well being. If we have done well physically as a child and received praise and admiration for our performance, we will assume for the rest of our lives that we are physically competent. The same is true for the opposite. If we are not physically adept for instance, we form perceptions about ourself that include I am clumsy, not athletic, etc. If we are told we are fat, overweight, unattractive, or ugly, those labels remain our self definition until we remove them.  This accepted belief about ourself continues to control how we perceive not only ourselves as unworthy and unlovable but also limits our relationship possibilities and potential for being treated with respect and kindness. It is an ideal set up for acceptance of abusive partners later in life since the premise is we’re lucky to have anyone at all.

We know there is a subliminal consensus agreed upon reality in mass consciousnesses such as the one that sustains the co-creation that the body is solid instead of filled with empty space.

However, no matter how objective a person is, not including the superconscious objective self, no one sees any event or circumstance without biases and prejudices. There is no one  reality that everyone shares that is completely aligned because of each person’s personal depiction of what happened, what is currently taking place, and the predictions of what may happen in the future. This is why witness testimony, hear say evidence, and gossiping are always unreliable. By the time a story gets passed around a room or repeated in court, it is never the same story as it was when it started out. Every person repeating it instantly adds their own interpretation based on how their mind has processed the story without even realizing they have tweaked it in their minds before they passed it on.

Perceptual filters as well as perceptual beliefs, biases, and dispositions can be intergenerationally handed down thru modeling and DNA or ones you created and installed yourself in response to real life experiences.

Many family arguments arise out of just this fact. One person sees the situation or behavior from their own slant and acts or speaks on their perception and another person in the family unit  does the same. Since no one, not even children with the same parents ever experienced their childhood, their parents or siblings the same, everyone argues for their viewpoint sure that their impression of the situation or person is entirely accurate. The child who was treated with respect and/or love believes more positive things about their experiences, themselves, and their parents than does the child with the same parents who was rejected and undermined believe about his experiences, himself, and his parents.  The same is true for partners who are filled with biases and beliefs they bring to the table of relationship.

The fact is there is my viewpoint about an incident, there is your viewpoint about the incident and there is the truth of what happened  somewhere in between our two biased viewpoints.

Our perspective on events, self and others is influenced greatly by who we think we are, how threatening we perceive the event to be to us personally, and the programs in our own mind. These reference points differ from person to person causing each person to perceive and experience the same event differently. What makes one person stronger breaks another person.

Changing our perceptions, filters and perceptual reality can be handled by restructuring the perceptions and the beliefs sustaining those perceptions, and restructuring our perceptual filters which automatically reformats our perceptual reality of moment to moment events. Restructuring includes cognitive, emotional and behavioral restructuring protocols such as examining and experiencing in theta consciousness, deleting detrimental perceptions and misperceptions and installing new mindsets based on rewarding interpretations of reality. 

 Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005, 2nd Edition 2010, Adele Tartaglia

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