Our Responsibility in Unity Consciousness

Our Responsibility in Unity Consciousness

There is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of forms and aspects. All created things from the plant and animal world to the universe herself are united in the Spirit of the Creator it all, the Uncaused Cause of Source Energy, of which we are all a part.

Made in the Image of the Creator, You are A Field Within the Field® of all potentialities, creating everything and being everything simultaneously. Whenever you choose to stop experiencing something in your reality, you can stop creating it. The content of your own multi-dimensional levels of awareness is endless because it is continually tuned into, receiving and transmitting information to universal consciousness, the reservoir of all human thoughts and knowledge. This is the state of awake aware source being. This is the difference between living consciously instead of creating random events out of subconscious settings.

It is here we go to heal ourselves and the world. It is here we therapists work in your field of consciousness to alter present realities by altering the causality of those realities; deleting the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and goals that are on automatic create within your unconscious pre-programmed Autopilot.

There is no them, no others who are doing it to you… there is no separation between beings, only you, one being, one essence, one consciousness, manifesting in multitudinous appearances, beliefs, races, social classes, religions and cultures in order to learn the lessons higher self wants you to evolve beyond. It’s all about you. Everything you don’t want in your life has sourced from your own subconscious programs outpicturing as your life.

There is no other race or culture, time or place you have not lived in or are living in and being a part of so judgment and prejudice are just another facet of yourself living in denial and projection. 

There is only Oneness as the operating principle of existence and we are all part of that Oneness. If you do it to another you do it to yourself for you are the other divinely unified in the mystical body of All That Is. Wanting and creating anything other than the highest and best for all is part of your limited ‘non God aware self’ that has forgotten that what you create for your ‘enemies’ is a delusion for there are no enemies just unrecognized, unaccepted traits of yourself you despise and hide. If you wish ill will on them, you wish it on yourself.

There is no time just the Eternal Now folding back on itself in an endless circle of creation and manifestation. There are no past lives only simultaneous parallel lives the souls’ alter ego is living on different planes of existence in different dimensions.

Any psychological persona you can imagine you have, or are currently labeling another with, is still part of the Over Soul’s Energy Field of which you, as a field within the field are constantly creating and manifesting your own vibrationally matching experiences with that persona’s energy. 

If you feel like someone’s victim….you are…and that someone is in actuality, your own habitual mind wherein you have fully identified with the identity of victimhood. As soon as you change the beliefs supporting that identity, and disidentify with it, you and your experiences automatically shift into a new reality. There is no other doing it to us, just us experiencing hidden realms of our own personal history to dissolve and resolve so we can move toward our soul selves.

Knowing that science has merged with spirituality in affirming that all is oneness and unity consciousness is Real, the only question is…are you going to continue to contribute lower quality energy streams and events on the planet by continuing to manifest out of default mass conscious programs in your subconscious mind….or are you going to choose to deliberately align your unconscious mind with your conscious mind intentions to create a more equitable, beneficent, equal and compassionate  environment for all of creation?

What you heal within yourself on your journey to return to your Authentic Soul Self before the programming, you heal in Mass Consciousness. As you evolve into your own divine essence of love, and begin to operate through your divine nature of compassion that is your divinely created energy field, you are blessing the world with that state of consciousness’s joy, loving kindness, ineffable peace and understanding beyond the scope of your personal defense mechanism, the ego. And so we stay on our path open and receptive to new learnings, insights, and wisdom.

Principles of Causality© 1991, Books2ChangeYourLife Publishing, Adele Tartaglia


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