Body Beliefs Worksheet

Transform Your Life Instantly Workbook
Sample Worksheet

Body Beliefs Worksheet

Locating Negative Beliefs for Deletion and Rescripting
For use with Cognitive and Emotional Protocols

This is a space for self-reflection. There are no right or wrong answers. Be spontaneous.  Write down whatever immediately comes to mind, quickly, without reflecting or censoring.  If no answer comes, move on to the next question and return later for another try.

For each issue there is a different intake questionnaire so we can locate the underlying core issues and beliefs sustaining those issues.  Once we discover what the blocking and sabotaging beliefs, we can begin to delete them and the emotions attached to them and then rescript the deletions with the opposite polarity. 

1.    List the earliest words or messages you remember about your body.
2.    Did you already feel like this about your body?
3.    How did these messages make you feel?
4.    Were the messages positive or negative?
5.    List the earliest modeling you saw and heard about the human body?
6.    What was the family pattern you observed concerning care of the body?
7.    How long have you believed this about care of the body?
8.    What were the family patterns concerning shame, pride, or modesty about the body?
9.    Are you still acting out these patterns today?
10.  What are the patterns you created yourself?  Are they the same or different from the family patterns?
11.   Knowing your feelings are internally caused, how did your answers above make  you feel?
12.   How long have you felt like this?
13.   Are these feelings familiar, are they the same ones you feel at other  times?  Do you feel sad, depressed, hopeless concerning other subjects?
14.   What were the underlying beliefs and thoughts that caused your feelings of pain, anger, or upset?
[How you look is everything.  It is dangerous to be beautiful. Being beautiful gets you whatever you want.  Being fat means no one will love you….you are unlovable, etc.]
15.   How long have you believed these things?
16.    What thoughts do these beliefs bring up for you?
17.    How long have you had these thoughts?
18.    What circumstances trigger them?
19.    How do you handle it?
20.   Did you feel angry when people talk about your body?
21.    How long has this same anger been with you?
22.   What do you do with this anger?
23.   What are the messages of your self talk? 
24.   What angry or irritated feelings make you see through your hostility filter?
25.   Who do you take that hostility out on, yourself or others?
26.   What are your punishment thoughts toward yourself or others?  
27.   Do you act out these punishing thoughts on yourself and how?
28.   What triggered other punishing thoughts or acts?
29.   Did you act out these punishing thoughts against others and how?  Is this a repetitive life pattern?
30.   Does any part of your mind remember punishing the same person before?
31.   What triggered the previous punishing thoughts or acts?
32.   What positive lessons did you learn from any of these family patterns if any?
33.   Which lessons do you now choose to keep for yourself?
34.   What negative lessons did you learn from any of these family patterns if any?
35.   Which lessons do you now choose to delete and rescript?

from Transform Your Life Instantly Workbook, 2005,  Adele Tartaglia



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