Healing Is Being of Service

Healing Is Being of Service

Remember my friends, You were made in the Image of Love and Creative Intelligence …You Were Designed To Be Happy, Successful, Peaceful, Loving, Creative, And Functional.

The measure of your joy is the measure of joy you are contributing to the world in each and every moment…or not.

You Are Already Being of Service

The human mind, made in the image of the creator, is both a receiver and a transmitter. Every Time You Delete A Negative Program, that lower vibrational energy that is being removed from Collective Consciousness because we are all part of the whole of creation and the cosmos through our energetic emanations as a field within the Field… originating it all. ©

You are already contributing to the Positive Shift in the Mass Consciousness of man by altering and aligning your own dual mind.

The Transformation of Human Consciousness to Compassionate Cooperation and Equitable Empathy Can be Profoundly Simple if we handle our own oppositional viewpoints and align instead with the harmony of no separation and attune to unity consciousness that practices the principle of Acting Only in the Highest and Best Interest for All.

When enough of us delete our own programs based on fear, hatred, greed, competition, and insecurity, critical mass will shift and those who aren’t doing their personal work will transition along with the rest of us to create a planet where attitudes and behaviors support mutually beneficial programs for all of the family of man. This is the world I want my children and grandchildren to inhabit.

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